Lizard King, Humpbacks and Poppies

Here are a few of my works from the past…

I haven’t done a drawing since my husband/muse died in 1995,

but I have not quit forever…

More later… L

The Lizard King

The Lizard King… colored pencil rendering of Jim Morrison

humpback whales, mixed media

Madonna and Child… mixed media

California Golden Poppies

California Poppies… colored pencil rendering



  1. Diane Binnings · · Reply

    EXQUISITE….of course!!!! Can I share these on FB? Mom would be so tickled to see these!
    Love you too!

  2. Thank you Diane… I would be honored if you shared my drawings on FB with your Mom… you and she contributed so much to nurturing my inner artist in the days of “Casa Andrini” (and beyond).

    Here is a link to the site of one of my mentors… Thomas Evans Howell. I took classes from him in college, and it changed my life as an artist:

    L {:-)

  3. Willow · · Reply

    Wow! Nice to see you, and your art! Cool that you and Diane found each other again…Yes, I remember you. I think I was like 4 or 5 at Casa Andrini.

    1. Thank you Willow! You were such a beautiful, sweet little child, I always thought your lovely name suited you perfectly. I hope life has been kind to you… it’s hard to believe nearly 45 years have passed since those days at Tahoe.

  4. Rocky (Binnings) Walker · · Reply

    I just HAD to find you ! I am thrilled ! Your work is gorgeous, like you! Did the old man in the cellar ever leave your grandmothers’ in Newcastle I’ve often wondered…?! I’ve missed dear you ! , Dianne’s mom

    1. I am JUST as thrilled! Thank you so much for your compliments… I am humbled. I’ve thought of you and your family so often over the years… you all had such a profound impact on me. I’ll always be grateful for the way you allowed me into your lives and treated me as one of your own… comfort zones like that are precious and rare.
      I don’t know what ever became of the spirit at Newcastle… my grandparents sold that place in 1971 and I haven’t had contact with any of the subsequent owners but, I too, have often wondered. He was still up to his old tricks when we moved away… I wonder if anyone ever found his treasure?
      Thank you so much for the letter Rocky, it’s great to hear from you… I have missed you also.
      Big Hugs…

  5. Diane Binnings · · Reply

    Looks like you’ve reconnected with a whole family<3

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