Interesting exchanges “snipped” from “comments” on Suspicious0bservers YouTube channel, 11/19/12:

Seen a rainbow colored whispy cloud formation in south Ms. This am. Looked like a bunch of chem trails clustered together with clouds appearing to fall from them.



You should keep track of when they spray you, and then correlate that with when I tell you there is high solar activity [expected tonight]

Suspicious0bservers, in reply to “J”


S0… The more I look at this from a macro view, this looks like a man made frequency pump creating the entire global weather pattern. It is responsible for the blizzard in the mid states right now. I am aghast at the power of this system. It is pumping(intake) the cold air from Greenland and ejecting it with magnificent force across northern Russia. I am a mechanical engineer and it is awesome to watch this thing in action. I am in awe at the precision of the programing behind this. Just WOW!!



The macro view shows events across the solar system out of man’s control. I have seen many mitigation efforts on our part, and the coincidence of timing can give false appearances – be careful who you name your enemy

Suspicious0bservers, in reply to “DJ”


Gotcha, Thanks. This is no coincidence. But man does it raise a ton of questions in my mind. First Why? Second, who is the man behind the curtain? I have read that our weather patterns have stopped completely and we(humanity) must do this to survive… Hell, now that I see this… I don’t know what to think or who to believe. Truly amazing sophistication and the beauty of it is breathtaking… I am afraid if I dig much deeper the old saying of “Curiosity killed the cat” may be validated… 😉

“DJ” in reply to Suspicious0bservers


Why? Because the entire solar system is changing and if they didnt try to stop it the disaster would be unimaginable. They cant tell us because we will all panic, which would be worse than the bad weather would have been.

Suspicious0bservers, in reply to “DJ”


Okay, so much for not going down the rabbit hole. Lol You hit the nail on the head, but you know that don’t you. 🙂 Let’s take the red pill, yes, they could have told us (which is the responsible thing to do) creating a bit of panic and allowing everyone to make peace and prepare for the worse. Let’s take the blue pill, we live as sheep and are fat, dumb and not prepared for squat when all hell breaks loose… but they have complete control… hmm. Again my 2 questions are begging to be asked.

“DJ” in reply to Suspicious0bservers



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