vanishing point… 12/4/12


Yankee Fork of the Salmon River… Sunbeam, Idaho

In my never ending quest for knowledge, I’m  discovering that the internet is like a river… full of twists and turns, dead-ends and surprise connections… eventually delivering the goods, one way or another.

I’ll begin a search on a topic of interest, one video leads to another and, before you know it, I’m not even researching the original topic anymore (vanishing point).  But the thing is, connections between videos that at first seem serendipitous, quickly reveal themselves to have so many interconnected layers as to preclude “lucky coincidence” and move into the realm of synchronicity.

Here are a few interesting things I’ve come across in the last few days…

Nature Was My Teacher The Vision Of Viktor Schauberger

Uploaded by SowhatNC

Toward The End Of History: Interview, 10th July 1996 (Terence McKenna)

by TerenceMcKennaTube


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