vanishing point… 12/12/12 …pop a what?

Alpenglow on Cumulus - Laura Marinangeli

Alpenglow on Cumulus – Laura Marinangeli

According to Ret. Major Ed Dames, information he has received via “remote viewing” (a form of ESP) suggests North Korea may soon “pop a nuke”…  an act that will be one of the last recognized international events before a predicted “Kill Shot” from the Sun that will forever change life as we know it.  This is not new info… I read it a few years ago when I first learned about remote viewing.  There were other predicted events to look out for also…the so called “shot across the bow” a mega CME that would not hit Earth, (this has apparantly already happened), a global issue with the coastlines, and a “shuttle like craft” being brought down due to a meteor swarm.

The main reason I gave Major Dames’ presentation credence, is because I was raised by a natural remote viewer… but we just called it premonition or ESP at that time.  At any rate, I asked my grandfather how the visions came to him and the best he could describe it was that it was like seeing headlines in a newspaper.  This didn’t surprise me… my grandfather had a serious relationship with the daily newspaper, and no one dared touch it before he read it.  At any rate, his powers of precognition were legendary enough in our family that, if he said not to go somewhere at a certain time, we listened.

Getting back to Major Dames’ predictions… I got side tracked over the past couple of years and hadn’t been paying much attention to them.   Until this week.   In the span of 2-3 days, North Korea has launched a long-range test missile, the US has launched an unmanned craft that looks like a shuttle… both just in time for the Geminid Meteor Shower.  Also, recently in the news, coastal sea rise is rearing it’s ugly head.

This obviously raised my alert flags, so off I went for data.  First, the Kill Shot video.  It is followed by a recent interview with Major Dames on Coast to Coast AM (Oct. 16, 2012).  Major Dames has the second portion of the show (0:39:40), it follows an interview regarding “Majestic 12:UFO Cover-Up”.  Lot of food for thought here… hope you’re hungry!

Major Ed Dames Predictions (The KILL SHOT)TvChannelDan

Coast 2 Coast AM: Remote Viewing Mars ~ Oct 16 2012bugsy5656

Avila Beach Moonrise - Laura Marinangeli

Avila Beach Moonrise – Laura Marinangeli


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