Chemtrail Canvas

These are some of this winter’s skyscapes with aerosols (chemtrails), assorted waves and strange cloud formations.  The last few frames have a set of unusual cumulus clouds… they’re only 2,000 feet above the valley floor, with their bases being at about 7,000 feet elevation and their peaks just reaching the cirrus clouds.  I’ve never seen clouds like that around here before.  They were photographed on 1/28/13, just north of the eastward bend of the Snake River Plain, in Idaho.  They were part of the severe weather front that produced extreme winds and tornadoes from the Mid-West to the Eastern Seaboard from 1/29 into 1/31/13.

It’s hard to deny there is hanky panky going on in our skies, and the price is people’s health. Even more worrying is the question of what the ultimate cost to us and our environment will be, and whether we risk tipping a balance that is far more fragile and unforgiving than we realize, in the name of “weather/climate mitigation”.
The arrogance alone is mind boggling… the ultimate price may be incomprehensible.


WHY in the World are They Spraying?

Music Credits:
Some Blue Mornin’ …words and music by Alden Yates,
performed by Alden Yates… all rights reserved.


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