Geoengineering… Quantifying The Insanity


Anyone who has tried, knows how daunting it can be to convince friends and family of the unfolding cataclysm of climate geoengineering via the dispersed aerosols of SRM and SAG (Solar Radiation Management and Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering).  Often, the first question asked is “Why would they poison themselves too?” to which a typical response is “Because they are insane”.  I suspect a lot of people grapple with that answer, some doubting that 4% of the population could be considered clinically insane, much less be many of the same who have risen to power.  People tune out quickly when the information they’re getting is undesirable, so the corroborative information showing the relationship of psychopathic behavior to “making it to the top” often seems to fall on deaf ears.  It’s vitally important to remember that those at the top are calling the shots for all of us and, for them, sanity is not a prerequisite.  Our choices for the future are made by psychopaths whose thirst for wealth and power knows no bounds and who are literally willing to do anything to protect their paradigm.

When confronted with the equation of 4% of the population being insane, and how it applies to those in power, it made perfect sense to me.  In fact, it answered a question I had been asking myself for 20 years.  It, the question, came upon me unexpectedly as I drove across Idaho’s Snake River Plain for the first time.  I had just passed through Craters Of The Moon, a volcanic park with a hauntingly barren landscape of eerie and beautiful lava formations, cinder cones, lava flows, lava tubes and craters… remnants of eruptions that occurred between 15,000 and 2,000 years ago and were separated by quiet periods that averaged about 2,000 years in duration (the next eruptive episode is due). and
As I drove on, marveling at the volcanic landscape around me, I began to notice small signs announcing a point of interest ahead… EBR-1, though I had no idea what EBR-1 was.  Looming in the distance, and jutting out of the plain, a pair of large volcanoes could be seen.  At the time, in 1994, I didn’t realize I was traversing the path of the Yellowstone hot spot as it melted its way across Idaho, along a rift zone that is still active today.
Gradually, the EBR-1 signs got larger and more elaborate… by this time I was caught in a construction zone and just creeping along, so I had time to read one.  It turned out EBR-1 was Experimental Breeder Reactor Number 1, the world’s first nuclear reactor to produce usable amounts of electricity.  I was incredulous… what kind of idiots would build a nuclear device so close to a volcano?!  As I crept slowly through the construction zone, it became painfully clear that EBR-1 wasn’t just close to a volcano, it was virtually at the base of one (less than 5 miles from Big Southern Butte).

I chose not to visit the historical site.   A nearby town, Arco, was the first city in the world to be lit by the atomic power generated at INL.  Proud of their nuclear connection, the town park now hosts a memorial to a nuclear submarine, the USS Hawkbill (aka Devilfish), its tall sail (conning tower) proudly on display and sporting the vessel number of 666… and

If building a nuclear reactor next to a volcano is not insane enough, when it comes to Idaho’s nuclear installations and the Yellowstone super volcano, EBR-1 is just the tip of the iceberg.  The wise men at the DOE and DOD chose this very spot to develop what would become the largest concentration of nuclear reactors in the world… over 50!  All in the midst of the volcanic plain created by the Yellowstone hot spot on its eastward migration… a plain known to contain over 1,000 volcanic vents.  The Idaho National Laboratory (INL), site of decades of nuclear activity, is not only perched above the currently expanding plume of Yellowstone’s hot spot, but is built over, and utilizes underground features of, the Snake River Aquifer, a major aquifer that feeds the Snake River, the Columbia River and, ultimately, the Pacific Ocean. and   There are currently several operational reactors in this location, as well as many mothballed reactors and untold amounts of stored nuclear waste, debris and contaminated equipment.  After years of mulling over the potential of all this craziness I came to the conclusion it was not a result of stupidity or idiocy… it was pure, unadulterated, insanity.
The following links show the regional volcanic geology and illustrate INL’s proximity and relationship to the Snake River (volcanic) Plain with photos and descriptive text.  I don’t know the authors, but it’s a good overview of the area:

Idaho for 91 Days:
Jack’s World Blog:

Here’s a little background on INL (from the INL website):

In operation since 1949, the Idaho National Laboratory is a government reservation located in the southeastern Idaho desert. At 890 square miles (569,135 acres), the INL Site is roughly 85 percent the size of Rhode Island. It was established in 1949 as the National Reactor Testing Station, and for many years was the site of the largest concentration of nuclear reactors in the world. Fifty-two nuclear reactors were built, including the U.S. Navy’s first prototype nuclear propulsion plant. During the 1970s, the laboratory’s mission broadened into other areas, such as biotechnology, energy and materials research, and conservation and renewable energy.
INL consists of several primary facilities situated on an expanse of otherwise undeveloped terrain. Buildings and structures at INL are clustered within these facilities, which are typically less than a few square miles in size and separated from each other by miles of undeveloped land.

update 9/27/2015:  INL has changed their entry page format and edited the info in the “history” section since I posted this article, deleting the phrase “The World’s Largest Concentration of Reactors” as well as the in depth article they had that included a list of the 52 reactors that had been built and tested there.  Those pages and links no longer exist on their site, replaced by a portal link and a very brief, single paragraph, blurb on their history.  The above is a short excerpt I had cut and pasted from their site, before it was edited.  Too bad I didn’t have the foresight to cut and paste the entire article… oh well.  The following link is to an INL info page where you can still get an idea of the magnitude of the threat they pose to the environment, if you poke around some:


Several years after my encounter with INL and EBR-1 I happened upon the Christmas Valley OTH radar array,+OR , on a trip through Oregon, and my curiosity was piqued.  After some investigating via Google satellite images,+OR , it turned out the installation has a parabolic layout that points toward Yellowstone.  A little understanding of Tesla tech made me suspicious of its potential, but it is claimed to be currently non-operational, though it hasn’t been completely dismantled and there appears to be a crew on site.  In light of recent events in Yellowstone, and my growing understanding of the Tesla tech capabilities of the Military Industrial Complex, my suspicions about this facility have returned… that it could somehow be a part of the MIC potentially threatening to play the Yellowstone card to thwart global warming seems alarmingly possible.  Add INL to that equation and the magnitude of the insanity becomes inescapable.  We would not only be facing ash fall from a super volcano, but the ash will carry nuclear fallout to the east while the aquifer will carry it to the west.  With this double whammy in hand, do not be surprised if the power structure tries to extort us into accepting SRM and SAG aerosols, by claiming an intentionally triggered Yellowstone eruption as our only other option.  I pray to God it does not come to this, but the insane behavior of those in control is not very comforting.

But there is hope…
They, at the top, seem to be bad at math… mindless of the great number of those upon whose backs they stand.  Or, perhaps, they do know how vast we are and they understand the threat, depopulation must be considered as potentially part of their plans.  With that in mind, it is vital that we comprehend our mass.  It has become abundantly clear that the Lilliputian controlling element of the world population has no conscience and no intention of doing what is best for the common good.  They would rather die destroying the entire biosphere than relinquish their grip of wanton greed and control.  It is to us to rise up, like the giant we are, and cast aside the diseased minds that bind us.  Vast changes lie ahead, but we must address them and change direction completely, or lose all.  If we do not stand together now, we will lose any hope for a survivable planet in the very near future.

Become informed and share what you know… do not consent to the insanity.

Research has shown me that the aerosol programs exist, and I can see with my own eyes that SRM and SAG are real.  It’s obvious that these sprayed toxins are harmful to our health and the environment that sustains us.  I do not consent to being sprayed like a bug, and neither should you.

Please visit the following links for more information and ways to get involved: –
Global Skywatch –
About The Sky… – …links page:
Carnicom Institute –

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