A Bang, A Whimper, or…?

Intentionally dispersed aerosols fill the sky, wreaking havoc and destruction in our biosphere.

Intentionally dispersed aerosols fill the sky, wreaking havoc and destruction in our biosphere.

Some have wondered… will the world end with a bang or a whimper?  I believe it’s time for a third alternative.  Ahem…  A hymn?  No, that’ a spiritual song.  A him?  No, that’s a random guy walking down the street.  Ahem, ahem… and I’m not clearing my throat.  I’m talking about the new catch phrase sweeping the nation and the world.  It’s the same in every language.  You will hear it everywhere you go, punctuating conversations, interrupting movies, preceding public announcements, interjected into news reports… it’s everywhere, all the time.  Stop and take a listen… wherever you are, l warrant that you will experience this new catch phrase several times over the course of your day.  In fact, you may even use it yourself so often that you have ceased to notice it.

No, I’m not clearing my throat, but I am referring to the sound made from that action… “ahem”.   I have a close friend who actually suffered a medical condition from clearing his throat too often.  His situation made me more aware of the frequency which which I clear my own throat.  Not that I was hoping for a singing career, but the seriousness of my friend’s condition was not lost on me.  As a result I have noticed, over the past few years, an increasing frequency of the need to clear my throat.  I have also noticed that I’m not alone in this affliction.  I’m not a smoker, and I live in a sparsely populated region where air pollution shouldn’t be an issue, so I couldn’t readily identify the source of the irritation.  Then I noticed this phenomenon was not limited to my region, or even my country, but had circumvented the globe.  Appearing everywhere from orating politicos to YouTube videos, church pulpits, rock concerts and weather forecasts.  Anytime someone prepares to speak, there it is.  Prefacing, interjecting, and punctuating every dialogue, monologue, diatribe or rant… ahem.

So what could be perpetuating this, oh so pervasive, phenomenon?  There are two reasons folks clear their throats; one is nervousness. The other is an actual physical attempt to expel toxins accumulating in the excreted coating of the lungs and sinuses.  It is this second reason that our new catch phrase is sweeping the land… we have not suddenly become dependent on psychological escape valves.  We HAVE, however, had our global environment change over the past several decades and it is here where the culprit spreading this guttural exclamation resides… in our environment.  In the very air we breathe.  Our air has become a poisoned toxic brew, due to various human activities.  This may surprise you, if you believe there could not be an anthropogenic effect on a planet so large as this Earth.  Since the arrival of the industrial revolution, however, this biosphere that supports all life has been undeniably impacted negatively by human activity.  Now we have decided, in our infinite wisdom, to manipulate the biosphere INTENTIONALLY via climate geoengineering.  We are now so smart that we think it’s ok to play Dr. Strangelove with our ONLY life support system.  That’s right… like an astronaut out on a spacewalk deciding to see what will happen if he pokes a tiny little hole in his spacesuit.  What is being done to our biosphere is THAT insane. We have the ability to poke holes in our spacesuit, literally, and most of our aerospace activities do just that… each and every launch causes damage to the stratospheric ozone layer (the biosphere’s rough equivalent to the skin of a spacesuit).

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg… factor in aerosolized industrial wastes, fossil fuel aerosols and a myriad of other man produced aerosolized chemicals, all combining in the atmosphere, and you have a recipe for disaster.  Humanity has learned to manipulate the elements that constitute spaceship Earth by extracting them from their resting places, creating ungodly combinations that offer short term gain and long term pain, and then dumping the resultant toxic wastes back into our environment.  And let’s not forget the INTENTIONAL injection of aerosols into the stratosphere for SRM (solar radiation management) via SAG (Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering).  The idea is to thwart global warming by mimicking the cooling effect of a large volcanic eruption, using aerosolized sulfuric acid.  There are a multitude of problems with this idea… the first being, as Stephen Colbert so cleverly articulated when interviewing geoengineering’s evil genius, David Keith: “IT’S SULFURIC ACID… what could possibly go wrong with that?!”

Geyser... Yellowstone

Geyser… Yellowstone

For one thing, it has been proven to be a direct cause of ozone destruction.  Volcanoes emit sulfuric acid during eruptions, and that can be a problem.  Earth has not always been kind to life, her hostility reaching, at times, unsurvivable bounds.  The eruptions of the Siberian Traps nearly extinguished life on this planet, being the prelude to the Permian extinction of 252 million years ago.  For the past several hundred thousand years, volcanic activity has been at levels that allow an atmospheric balance which sustains us.  Is it wise to tinker with that balance?  Another problem, one the geoengineers don’t mention, is that within a very few years of the initial cooling, the effects of reflecting the sun’s energy away is more than offset by heat being trapped beneath the very same reflective canopy that originally deflected it.  As the ozone layer is increasingly depleted, more and more heat gets in and stays in.  So, now we have unintentional aerosol injection, intentional aerosol injection and volcanic aerosol injection which, by the way, is holding the wild card in this ultimate game of biosphere poker.  Folks, we are “all in”… do we really want to wager our existence on the insane ideas of a handful of industry owned scientists?  People who are actually financed by the very same industrial giants who have brought us to the brink of destruction through their wanton greed and lust for power?  Really?

Intentionally dispersed aerosol particulates refracting sunlight.

Intentionally dispersed aerosol particulates refracting sunlight.

The inescapable reality is that life on Earth is susceptible to an array of environmental threats including, but not limited to, the behavior of our volcanoes.  It was foolhardy of us to throw in with this biospheric balancing act, even unwittingly, and the impact of the industrial revolution on our finite living space is indisputable.  It is sheer insanity to now fiddle with Earth’s delicate balance intentionally.  How could any sane human being actually believe that it would HELP our situation to INCREASE levels of particulates already responsible for the imbalances?  Who in their right mind would devise a cure that is actually a curse… that poisons everything it touches?  Air, water, soil… everything.  Who could possibly see a benefit from this?  Oh yeah, the industries that produce these unsavory substances, as well as the medical and pharmaceutical industries that benefit from treating the ailments being heaped upon us as a result of it all. Make no mistake, as we all walk around clearing our throats and feeling more tired and listless with each passing day, fortunes are being made on these materials, the implementation of the programs to disperse them into our sky, and the resulting medical impacts on us.

Perhaps, with their vast wealth, the perpetrators have devised ways to avoid consuming these nasties… or ways to eliminate them quickly when they do.  The majority of humanity, however, is relegated to dealing with this assault on our filters in whatever way we can.  Hence, the throat clearing epidemic.  And every living entity, all animals and plants, the innocents in this tragedy, must endure this assault with no relief or escape.  We are now witnessing the sixth great mass extinction in the living history of this planet.  Over 200 species are going extinct each day, a rate that is 1,000 to 10,000 times normal background.  Do not kid yourself, we are all on the short list for this extinction party.  Now is the time to wake up from our distractions and illusions, before it is too late and all is lost.  We must confront our demons and find ways to eliminate them… before they propagate into the end of life on this rock.  More pollution is NOT the solution and I, for one, do not want the last sound heard from humanity to be… ahem.

Water spots on my window reveal the particulates we all must breath in all day, every day.  Note the aerosol trail above me...

Water spots on my window reveal the particulates we all must breathe in all day, every day.  Note the aerosol trail above me…


Please educate yourself on the dangers of climate geoengineering… governments and scientists are being deceptive about it, at best.  They do not have the best interests of life on Earth, at heart.  It is up to us, the mighty multitude, to take the bull by the horns and turn this thing around.  But we must act NOW, we are nearly out of time.  There are many informative sites on the internet regarding this unfolding crisis… doing a search for “geoengineering” will bring up a wealth of data.  A great place to start is: GeoengineeringWatch.org.  Here you will find information on every facet of these programs and the tyrannical forces that are perpetrating this mega-crime against all life on Earth.



Happy Trails... America!

Happy Trails… America!


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