The Common Good… or Why Math Matters

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The Common Good… or Why Math Matters

Which is more important: the “common” good, or the “greater” good?  The Common good reflects the good of (for) humanity.  The Greater good reflects the good of (for) ALL life.  While humanity still had the opportunity to move to a way of being that was congruent with the balances of our living planet, I was for the Common good.  I believed in the integrity of my fellow humans, at least on a one to one basis, and still had faith that humanity, as a whole, would see the big picture and strive to preserve all life… including that of plants and animals.  This has not turned out to be the case.  I now prefer The Greater Good, which encompasses the Common Good (but not Vice Versa).

Without a functioning living biosphere, there is no life for humanity, so why has mankind eliminated it as the ultimate integer in our equation of existence?  We have been indoctrinated to believe that we must strive for personal wealth and gain, as a reflection of our “success”.  Most of us want our cars, boats, modern homes, credit cards, nice clothes, vacations, golf dates, amusement parks, TVs, computers, i-Phones etc.  But some only want food, shelter and water, and even those primary amenities are denied them.  How is it possible, in a world that has become as small as ours due to air travel and electronic communication, that there are people struggling to live without even the basic necessities?  Because much of mankind has become selfish pigs who will not look beyond their own personal pursuits.  But, hey, don’t blame yourself… you have been taught your entire life to think in terms of personal success.  There has long been an underlying current that suggests it’s ok to sell out to the system to achieve this success, and you have been blinded, by media and society, to the impacts our cumulative indulgences have on the biosphere that supports life on this planet.

This was no accident… had most of humanity understood 200 years ago how industrialization would devastate our home, I believe we would have had the wisdom to halt it and pursue a balanced way to co-exist with all life .  But that would not have served the powerful, wealthy, ruling elite.  We have been led down a path of illusion, ending in total annihilation, while the elite have used the sweat of our brow to finance their grandiose lifestyles, eventually plotting their escape from the surface of a planet that would, ultimately, no longer support life… leaving the rest of humanity strung up and twisting in the foul wind of our subjugation.  And, not only is humanity suffering… every living being on this planet is dying by accelerated degrees.  Animals and plants around the globe are going extinct at a rate unprecedented in the last 52 million years… those that remain are clinging to life, with no guarantee of survival.  Do you think we, the “common” masses of humanity who will not be allowed into the underground sanctuaries, will survive on the dead and poisoned surface of this planet after the plants and animals are gone?

Yes, I once believed in the “common good”, but humanity has shown me no reason to think that we are even capable of doing anything for the common good, much less the greater good.  We want what Joe Blow has, and will do whatever it takes to get it… sell out, lie, cheat, steal, destroy, commit mass murder.  Just pick your poison.  If you chose selling out because it is a victimless crime, think again.  Ultimately, each of us selling out to a destructive system, that we have been hypnotized into believing is acceptable, results in mass murder.  We are the financiers… our nickels and dimes, dollars and cents, have been used to further the atrocity we know as industrialized civilization, the monstrosity that is destroying everything in it’s path, the demon that will end all life on what was once our earthly paradise.  There is no more heinous crime than to steal the future of innocent beings and end the evolutionary path of life on an entire planet.  Industrialization is willingly and wantonly destroying any possibility of a survivable future for you, me, and all that dwell upon the face of this Earth.

Unless and until humanity (and I use that term loosely at this point, since we humans no longer seem to possess any), unless and until humanity comes to its senses and abandons this system and its money, industry, politics, mind manipulating religious leaders, industrial tyrants and media, there is no hope for the future.  We are out of time.  We have been lulled to sleep by false promises of prosperity and most refuse to wake up and smell the coffee boiling over in the pot.  As long as financial reality is more important than environmental reality, there is no hope.  We must give up economics as a driving factor in our behavior.  In fact, we must give up the concept of money and economics entirely if we hope to have a remnant of the sustainable life this planet once offered. Simple as that… it may seem ugly to you, but it is the only way to extract ourselves from the quagmire we have been drawn into.  If you want to defeat the vile tyranny that is the ruling elite of this Earth, you must make them powerless.  The carrot of prosperity they dangle in front of us is the source of their power.  Lose interest in the carrot, their power goes away.  Unless and until humanity learns this lesson and deletes their drive for wealth from the equation, the power elite will continue to subjugate us into oblivion.

I agree with Dane Wigington, of, regarding climate engineering as being mathematically the singly most destructive practice on this planet, and that it must be halted immediately if we hope to buy the time needed to find a way to survive the devastation we all now face.  Additionally, it is my firm belief that we must also halt our indulgent, industrialized, lifestyles and abandon all monetary systems.  Granted, it will be more than rough… a change of this magnitude will be devastating on countless levels, but what choice do we have?  With all our intellectual potential we can/must find ways to exist without needing money or any other “exchange of value” to validate our lives.  Thanks to our pursuit of the “exchange of value” equation, we have reached a point of change or die.  In refusing to change, we are taking the entire living biosphere down with us.  Like it or not, the balance of life is a mathematical equation and we are about to flunk the course.  Change we must, or die we will.

Happy Trails... America!

Happy Trails… America!

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