While You Were Sleeping…

While You Were Sleeping…

California Poppies - colored pencil

California Poppies – Laura Marinangeli – colored pencil rendering – mid 1980s

Today is August 4, 2015.  I am in my 60th year.  I have seen much, since I was jolted aware in the 1960’s.  Awareness was the big thing back then, and was being facilitated by any number of means… TV, movies, art and literature, music, religion, drugs.  Media was instrumental in exposing us to the tumultuous atmosphere of the times.  Religion, drugs and music were the distractions most of us chose from to escape the unpleasantries of our evolving world, rather than dwell on the terrible realities they intimated were approaching.  Vietnam was a constant visceral bombardment in the news, the perimeters of our social mores were being poked, prodded and rent from every direction, environmental degradation was a growing problem, the dysfunctional family was becoming the norm and we had this thing called The Generation Gap.  Everything I had come to know from my idyllic childhood in 1950’s America, was being torn asunder… some of it good, some not so good.  At 10, I found myself in a near daily reevaluation of my understanding of the world.  By 15 my awareness had evolved significantly from the earlier innocence of my childhood.

Amid all that tumult there arose a blossoming of consciousness.  Signs of our awakening were appearing everywhere; politics, spirituality, the environment… the paradigm was changing, and for the better, it seemed.  It must have scared the hell out of the PTB (Powers That Be), the way we responded en masse to the “awakening” that they had so covertly created.  I doubt that their various mind control schemes were meant to elicit such a large and spontaneous response… they just wanted to undermine our social structure, not actually awaken us (DOH!).

lizard king, colored pencil portrait of Jim Morrison

Lizard King – Laura Marinangeli – colored pencil rendering of Jim Morrison – early 1990s.  Perhaps Jim knew more about Reptilians than we think… especially in light of his father’s role in the Gulf of Tonkin, Jim’s proximity to Lookout Mountain, the secret military base/studio in Laurel Canyon, and his possible involvement in MK-ULTRA type activities.   http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=49150

Thanks to continuous media mind control, however, the minions of the PTB were able to put most of us back to sleep by the mid 1970’s.  The “me generation” was easy pickins’ for these mind controllers.  Just tell us what we want to look like, have and be, and we’re all yours.  Our innate desire to please makes us an easy target for social manipulation and can quickly devolve into the need to conform.  We became so focused on pursuing that which we perceived as a reflection of our success, that we failed to see the dangers closing in from every direction.  And that same manipulative technique has been working marvelously all this time.  Unfortunately, the converging threats did not go away when we became distracted and quit looking at them. Rather, the problems of our world have increased exponentially while we were sleeping.  From wars, famine and pestilence, to environmental destruction, economic collapse and social degradation, to the willful destruction of the biosphere via climate geoengineering using intentionally dispersed toxic nano-particulates… we have been, and are being, assaulted from all sides.

So, for all you Rip Van Winkles out there… the 40 year nap is over!  Time for Sleeping Beauty to wake the fuck up ’cause Prince Charming ain’t gonna show (I know, that’s Cinderella’s prince, but you get the point… although Beauty’s Prince “Phillip” is a good esoteric metaphor, with his wish to be reincarnated as a virus to “help reduce world population”).  At any rate, we cannot afford to wait around for “someone” to “rescue” us.  It’s to each of us to stand on our own and refuse the tyranny that is controlling and destroying our world.  Those seeds of consciousness from the 1960’s have not shriveled and died… they have merely lain dormant, awaiting the loving hand of the gardener to bring them to life.  Be the gardener of your heart and soul, of your consciousness.  Bring forth your fruit quickly… we need all hands on deck if we hope to win the battle for our future!

The following article at GeoengineeringWatch.com is an excellent place to start:


Water spots on my window reveal the particulates we all must breath in all day, every day.  Note the aerosol trail above me...

Water spots on my window reveal the toxic aerosolized nano-particulates we all are forced to breath all day, every day… a result of geoengineering programs such as SRM (solar radiation management), SAG (stratospheric aerosol geoengineering) and SAI (stratospheric aerosol injection).  Note the aerosol trail above me.  I prefer my aluminum in the form of vintage trailers, like the 1946 Spartan Mansion behind me, thank you very much Mr. Geoengineers!

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