Industrial Omnicide As A Lifestyle, or… The Only Guarantee

Geoengineered skies... taking us into the sunset. Colorado River on Parker Strip, Arizona.

Geoengineered skies… taking us into the sunset.  Parker Strip, along the Colorado River, Arizona.

Humanity doesn’t need industry… we indulge in it.  We are intelligent and creative enough to have long since abandoned the industrial paradigm for a balanced, sustainable existence on this planet, yet we insist on maintaining a twisted reality that is both finite and infinitely toxic.  Humanity’s love affair with the industrial paradigm is beyond foolish… it is self destructively insane.  Would you willingly make love to a homicidal maniac, knowing they will kill you once they are satisfied?  Why do we continue our deadly affair with industrialization?  We know it’s going to end badly, but we just keep at it, blindly ignoring the voices of reason.  We are addicted to this relationship… to the point of annihilation.  And, our relationship with the industrial paradigm allows the elitist power structure to exercise its bondage over us via a conditional promise of wealth and prosperity.  “Wealth and Prosperity” is the last thing our oppressors wish us to have and their interpretation of it is a lie contrived to facilitate their control of the masses… a resounding example of the donkey and the carrot.  Must we insist on being such foolish asses?

The elephant in the room is a demon in the corner… hiding in the dark and spewing toxic concoctions that will ultimately lead us to extinction.  Our current paradigm is greasing the skids to hell with the oil that fuels the industrialized world, cementing the gate closed behind us with a biosphere sterilized and poisoned by the chemical industry and leaving us mentally and physically debilitated by the pharmaceutical and medical industries.  Those who dispense the so called “wealth” we choose over a living biosphere, are the same folks who disperse the toxins that are destroying us and our planet.  Whether through economics, politics, religion or the destruction of the environment, we are being controlled and pigeon holed into oblivion as we blindly trudge forth in pursuit of the infamous carrot, lubricating the gears of the very machine that is destroying us and any future for our children.

Thanks to industrialization, humanity has already crossed the Rubicon of biospheric sustainability.  There is no arguing this reality and, whether environmentally, economically, or socially, we are in for a rough ride with no turning back.  The die is cast and we will find a way to deal with it or perish… along with untold numbers of innocent species that will go down with us.  We are already witnessing the extinction of 200 to 300 species every day and those numbers are rising rapidly.  If the damage from industrial practices was not lethal enough, the power structure has been covertly adding even more toxins to the brew, intentionally, since the last century.  They are bringing this out of the closet under the guise of “climate geo-engineering” via programs such as SRM, SAI, and SAG (Solar Radiation Management, Stratospheric Aerosol Injection and Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering).

SRM - Intentionally dispersed aerosols... heavy metal nano-particulates refracting sunlight.

SRM, Solar Radiation Management – Intentionally dispersed aerosols… heavy metal nano-particulates refracting sunlight.

The biosphere has been dealt a slow-motion death blow by climate geo-engineering for decades.  Due to the cumulative effects of the toxins dispersed into our atmosphere, the degree of damage is now increasing exponentially, and is no longer slow-motion or easy to hide.  From toxicity in air, water and soil, to destruction of stratospheric ozone allowing off the chart levels of UV to reach Earth’s surface (causing genetic damage and species die off), to the nano-particulate blanket of heavy metal toxins holding in more heat than it reflects and magnifying global warming, to the wholesale destruction of the food chain from the bottom up, to the ever increasing impacts on health and cognition… geo-engineering is the gravest threat we have ever faced.  Even worse than Fukushima.  Without the global geoengineering programs as part of the equation, we might survive Fukushima, but taken together… we have no chance.  In the Godzilla of synergistic effects, climate geoengineering is compounding our already dire environmental situation and pushing us rapidly beyond the point of no return.  This is, truly, the straw that will break the camel’s back.  The Fukushima genie is already out of the bottle with no going back, but we can still stop the devastating practice of climate geoengineering before it is too late.  Our ability to rise together NOW to stop this madness will determine, in the immediate future, how much of our life supporting biosphere remains.

Remote, high altitude lake, surrounded by dying forest.

Remote, high altitude lake, surrounded by dying forest.

Trees, dying in my yard, point their barren fingers skyward... at their attackers.

Trees, dying in my yard, point their barren fingers accusingly skyward… at their attackers.

Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming – US 5003186 A

5110502 – May 5, 1992 – Method of suppressing formation of contrails and solution therefor (if this method has been available for over a quarter of a century, why are the skies so constantly full of contrails?  Because the contrails are being intentionally dispersed… otherwise, they would be suppressed and, no doubt are… when suppression suits the intent).

Combustible compositions for generating aerosols, particularly suitable for cloud modification and weather control and aerosolization process – US RE29142 E:,142&ei=hWZLUOnwPIqo9gTpv4HgDQ

We have allowed the degradation of our biosphere to go on for so long that we now face global catastrophe.  We no longer have the option to ease gradually, or gently, into a new paradigm.  We must rapidly adopt a drastically different lifestyle, if we hope to save ourselves and the biosphere (which we will not survive without).  When I say we, I mean everyone on the planet… all of humanity must choose a different way.  We must all meet back at that fork in the road that led us to this poisoned, industrialized world… and take the other path, together.  We must learn from the mistakes of the last 200+ years, and apply what knowledge we’ve gained to an agrarian/craftsman/artisan lifestyle, sans ruling elite, industry and money.  I know… sounds like a tall order but, compared to the dead planet alternative, is it really?

Reasons to dispense with a ruling elite and the industrial paradigm are fairly obvious but, why eliminate money?  Because money is merely a contrivance used to subjugate the masses.  Money is a concept, it is not real. What purpose does it have, other than the enslavement of mankind?  You can’t eat it, drink it or shelter in it.  It is less than a leaf in the wind… at least the leaf has purpose as it is carried away, contributing to the soil in some distant spot.  Money contributes nothing to the greater good. Rather, it strengthens the warped power structure of the elitists, paving the way for their endless march of control and devastation.  You may consider it a way of counting your assets, a keeping score that lets you monitor your personal worth… in reality, money is no indicator of your value as a human being, your true personal worth.  Money is nothing more than a tool of slavery.  Got a credit card?  Making car payments?  How ’bout a mortgage?  Even when you have the things you want, isn’t that carrot still just a little out of reach?  Isn’t there always something more to chase?  Do you think that’s an accident?  You are enslaved by a handful of elitists who control all powers of influence… media, religion, banking, politics, military, industry.  You are surrounded by the manipulations of their minions and fed a dream designed to keep you enslaved.  You have been mind controlled into accepting a dead end, industrialized, philosophy of life… a finite reality that can only end in devastation.  Like the company store, the industrial philosophy is a tool of the few, used to control the lives of the many.  It controls everything you buy or sell… right down to the food on your table, and does it in an unsustainable way that is poisoning the entire planet.  This is intentional and without regard… the only goal is absolute control.  Thus far it’s been succeeding on a grand scale… possibly beyond all expectations.  And it comes with an incomprehensible price: the looming death of our biosphere.  Soon, the inescapability of this fact will turn the scrutiny of the masses upon these elitist predators but, by then, it could be too late.

The Rothschild Conspiracy Explained in 4 Minutes (update 11.29.18 – the original video and account were deleted by YouTube; the following is a replacement with the same content.  A point to note: the video ends with Obama posturing against N Korea, now we have Trump professing his love for Kim Jong Un… apparently the adversarial approach wasn’t working fast enough, so they went back to attracting the fly with honey.):

Secrets of Rothschild Family Fortune +$500 Trillion (update 11.29.18 – the original video and account were deleted by YouTube; the following is a replacement with the same content):

The Rothschild Family – Puppet Masters – World’s Only Trillionaires – Full Documentary:

How were the ruling elite so successful at shackling humanity with the bonds of money?  The Industrial Revolution.  “Jobs? Oh yeah, we got your jobs right here!  First one’s free… here’s your money… sucker!”  And so it began… the carrot of prosperity, dangled before the eyes of the masses, and always just a little out of reach.  How quickly we became addicted to those units of perceived wealth and abandoned our self sufficient lifestyles for the inter-dependency of cities and that quick money fix.  In just 200+ years, a mere handful of generations, most of us in the western world have lost our connection to the land… traded away for nonexistent markers of personal worth and the accompanying havoc our pursuit of the money grail is wreaking upon this planet.  Industrialization has become the death knell of the miracle we know as Life on Earth.

Sun Valley, Idaho... vacation home getaway for the world's industrial elite, high profile politicians and sell out celebrities.

Sun Valley, Idaho AKA Shangri la la land… vacation home getaway for the world’s industrial elite, high profile politicians and sell out celebrities.

What One Man Can Do
A single grain of sand may be insignificant, but a multitude of sand grains can become an island paradise… or, a desert wasteland.   We are like grains of sand in our power to individually and collectively influence the world.  Unlike sand, however, the choice is ours to make.  Will it be paradise or desert wasteland?

Written about Buckminster Fuller by John Denver, “What One Man Can Do” applies to each of us…

The choice IS ours, and we CAN change this paradigm.  But we must all speak out and bring to light the atrocities being committed against us, destroying our right to a living planet. And we must prioritize the most egregious offense… geoengineering the climate, a compounded assault that is poisoning the entire planet, destroying pH balances that allow plant growth (thwarting natural production of food and oxygen), destroying our health, wreaking havoc with the weather as well as compounding existing environmental problems.  In addition, this covert operation has run vast sums of  taxpayer money through the military industrial complex for the past several decades… feeding the industrial dragon that is consuming us while financing those at the top of the pyramid who, subsequently, have built lavish DUMBs for themselves (Deep Underground Military Base), to escape the impending cataclysm that the rest of humanity will be forced to face. If we hope to eliminate the industrialized system that has brought us to the brink of extinction, we must speak out now.  But we can do more.  By both speaking out AND unplugging from the system, even in small increments, we can hit it with a double whammy.  Ditching the system is the gift that keeps on giving… every dollar we don’t spend is a chink in their armor.  The more self-sufficient we become, the less power the system has over us.  Here are some ideas:

Grow your own food (indoors or sheltered, to avoid toxic precipitation) and learn to preserve and store the food you grow.
Learn about perma-culture and other non-industrial food growing techniques. (informative videos are at the end of this article)
Cook from scratch as much as possible, without opening a box, a bottle or a can.
Acquire skills that make you self sufficient, and that you can trade for goods or services.
Awaken your inner artist and/or craftsman… discover the joy of creating via handcrafted carpentry, gardening, landscape design, cooking, spinning, weaving, sewing, animal husbandry, pottery… the options are endless.  Become a designer of sustainability.
Barter for goods and services.
Shop for locally grown and/or produced. Choose handcrafted over mass produced.
Purchase (or trade for) used goods rather than new, whenever possible… do not continue supporting the industrial paradigm of the throw away society. Reduce and reuse.
Disown the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, in all their incarnations, and replace them with natural alternatives.
Avoid commercial products and gather information on natural options for those you can’t do without.
Lighten your load… reduce by selling excess via flea markets, yard sales, classified ads, etc. starting with least valuable goods.  As you trim, continue selling off (or trading away) that which is least valuable to you (not necessarily monetarily)… this will create and maintain a higher “value density” for your remaining assets, which has nice benefits, as less becomes more.
If you rent, approach your landlord about trading goods and/or services for rent, and try to get them to adopt the same lifestyle.
If possible, move to a small, rural community.
Free yourself from the utility companies by going off grid, if possible… if not, then use as little gas, electricity and water as you can.  Find creative ways to use the sun for heating rooms and water, cooking food, lighting, etc. Use water wisely.  Avoid using soap unless necessary and capture your soapless, used water for house or garden plants. Capture rainwater and use it for utilitarian purposes (too many pollutants to consume safely, unless purified).
Think outside of the box.
Network with like minded groups and individuals… share the message.
Don’t travel by air, take a train or boat instead… slow down. If you don’t believe “speed kills” take an honest look at the impact our instant gratification culture has on the environment, as well as our physical and emotional health.
Get a bicycle and use it in lieu of an automobile, as much as possible.
Live as simply as you can, the rewards are many… more time, less stress, more personal freedom… less really is more.
Do research, share the information and, above all, speak out against the insanity that is destroying our miraculous world!

These are just a few suggestions… be creative, find as many ways as possible to avoid partaking in the power structure’s system.  We can defeat tyranny by abandoning the industrial tyrants and refusing to participate in their money game.  When money loses its power to control our activities, the corrupt powerFUL become powerLESS.  Learn to live with little or no money, be it cash, credit or electronic, and you will discover freedom.  Unplug as gradually as you must… but do it as quickly as you can.  And get as many people on board as you can.  Spread the concept… help it blossom into a global revolution.  Be the flower that shattered the stone…
There is an incongruent image of industrial agri spraying in the above video, shown with the words paint us a rainbow without any end.  I interpret it as an antithesis of that… a rainbow with a dead end.

Sunlight on the sand, reflecting through seaweed at Avila Beach, California, imaged a few years ago. The Pacific is now dying... the eastern shores becoming a wasteland of toxic beaches where the abundance of life no longer thrives.

Sunlight on the sand, reflecting through seaweed at Avila Beach, California, imaged a few years ago. The Pacific Ocean is now dying… the eastern shores becoming a wasteland of toxic beaches where the abundance of life no longer thrives.

The window of opportunity, to preserve a survivable biosphere, is rapidly closing and we must act now.  All of humanity needs to rise against the oppressors by refusing to play their game.  There is no doubt that the elitist power structure will throw a tantrum of unimaginable proportions, and many lives may be lost… but countless lives have already been, and continue to be, lost… mere pawns in the activities of the so called elite.  Incomprehensibly more will become their victims if we do not act now.  These oppressors are poised to take the ultimate coup… the destruction of humanity and life on the surface of this planet, while they wait out the ugly stuff in the comfort of their underground enclaves… safe havens they have created for themselves by the sweat OUR brow and the breaking of OUR backs, but that WE will NOT be allowed into.  This is our final opportunity in the battle against tyranny… it must be won or ALL will be lost, and that’s a guarantee.

This image of John Denver really sums it up for me. If we do not act now, all that will remain is memories of our past.

This image of John Denver really sums it up for me.  If we do not act now, we too will disappear into the sunset.

Climate Engineering, Biosphere Destruction, and the Last Chance for Life On Earth:

Geoengineering And The Loss Of Photosynthesis:

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6,000 lbs of food on 1/10th acre – Urban Homestead – Urban Permaculture:

The One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka:


  1. […] Marinangeleo Geoengineered skies… taking us into the sunset.  Parker Strip, along the Colorado River, […]

  2. Hello, I read this article on geoengineeringwatch. Your words speak everything I feel. Well done. I linked to your site and read some more. Glad I found you.

    1. Hello Tamara! Thank you for visiting my blog, sharing your feelings and, especially, for being a part of this awakening!!! I’m glad you found me, too 🙂

  3. Hello Laura – I’ve enjoyed reading your website, and want to thank you for sending me the information on Idaho that was on website. I thought I’d reply here, as that was quite some time ago, and you may not reference back. I was in total shock at the nuclear activity that has gone on, the different land masses, and areas that were extremely eerie. I live in a highly dense populated area which is so completely in contrast. I did see that this area was in So. Idaho, I haven’t been there, but I was thinking of Coeur d’Alene which is north. The main reason I need to get out is I am extremely symptomatic and ill w/head pain (I don’t call them headaches) 24/7, for 7 yrs., brain fog, now recently burning/tingling in extremities. I feel if I don’t get out, my life will end soon. If I can, I browse for testing that can be done for metal toxcicty. I know if I don’t leave soon, I will have to end up staying for lack of ability. When you own a home, etc., it’s pretty hard to leave on quick notice.
    I thank you ever so much for all the info. and dedication to giving me hard facts, and as I said, enjoyed reading your websites – I feel you are reading the situation very clearly, esp. in something I read…depopulation. I was shocked tho’ that your view on the Yellowstone volcano issue, and now have something else to think about. Well, I can’t worry about everything, but I see w/my own eyes that devilsh, concentrated spraying that takes place, and then nothing. I am getting too long on this, but thank you, thank you. Joan

    1. Hello Joan, and thank you for contacting me! Northern Idaho is a very beautiful part of our state, with a lot of cultural density… probably better suited for someone like yourself who is accustomed to the benefits of urban life. Rural Idaho is filled with down to earth people, but not so much culture.
      My family lives not far from Coeur d’Alene, and I visited them early this summer. I came home from my visit quite ill from exposure to the massive amount of aerosols dispersed in the Spokane area. Because it is lower in elevation, a strong marine flow from the Pacific is able to reach it, so some of what is dispersed to the west is able to combine with local dispersions. Sadly, there really is no escape anywhere on Earth from the toxic aerosols… but you can escape from the high concentration of pollutants in you region which, in conjunction with the aerosols, creates negative synergistic health effects. And Coeur d’Alene really is a lovely place… if I were to move from here, it’s the only city I would consider. Because you are suffering from exposure to toxins primarily in the air, I would try to find a living space up out of the basin that Lake Coeur d’Alene is situated in (where pollutants settle and collect)… shouldn’t be hard to do considering the terrain of that area.
      There is so much coming at us from every direction these days… we really can’t, and shouldn’t, worry about all of it. Do what is in your power and heart to do, and let the rest be what it is. If Yellowstone has a super-eruption, naturally or triggered, it all becomes a moot point anyway. I live within 70 miles of INL and, if things go bad and if the wind blows my direction, I stand a strong chance of radiation exposure. But, that’s a lot of “ifs” and most of them are beyond my control or my power to change. I have chosen to focus my energy on geoengineering because it is something we, as individuals, have the capacity to bring to mass consciousness and, ultimately, effect the change needed. And, as Dane so often points out, geoengineering is mathematically the most destructive element in our current equation of industrial insanity.
      Best of Luck to you, Joan… stay strong and awake!
      Much Love,

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