Global Warming or Looming Ice Age?

As a rule, a man’s a fool
When it’s hot, he wants it cool
When it’s cool, he want’s it hot
Always wanting what is not

This poem was painted on a small wooden plaque in my grandmother’s house. It was a clever piece of 1920’s kitsch that was a favorite of mine and helped to inspire a lifelong interest in weather and the environment.  It’s part of the reason why I can so clearly remember the skies and weather of my childhood in the early 1960s… especially compared to now.  And, it has become a poignant reminder of mankind’s folly; the attempt to control global climate via geoengineering programs like SRM, SAG and SAI (Solar Radiation Management, Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering and Stratospheric Aerosol Injection), which are poisoning and decimating the biosphere we all depend on for life itself.

This cloud cover, an example of SRM (Solar Radiation Management), reveals the toxins we all are breathing, every day. The colorful sheen is from light being refracted by heavy metal nano-particulates. I find it disturbingly similar to the sheen left on water by gasoline.

This cloud cover, an example of SRM (Solar Radiation Management), reveals the toxins we all are breathing, every day.  The colorful sheen is from light being refracted by heavy metal nano-particulates.  I find it disturbingly similar to the sheen left on water by gasoline.

Global Warming or Looming Ice Age?

There’s been much discussion about an approaching ice age and some have used it to downplay global warming.  Data shows a downward trend in global temperatures over the past several thousand years.   According to general scientific consensus, we are currently in a warm interglacial period between regularly occurring ice ages that last approximately 120,000 years, with the warm interglacials averaging 13,000 years.  The present warm interglacial period began approximately 12,000 to 14,000 years ago.  We should be nearing its end and dropping into the next cooling phase and, until the impacts of the Industrial Revolution began to be felt, data reveals we were doing exactly that.  This is, however, no longer the case.  Current data shows that the Earth is now warming at a catastrophic rate.

Current scientific theory holds that there have been at least five major ice ages in the earth’s past, begining around 2.4 to 2.1 billion  years ago… the Huronian, Cryogenian, Andean-Saharan, Karoo and the Pliocene-Quaternary.  The most recent ice age, the Pliocene-Quaternary glaciation, started approximately 2.58 million years ago with 17 glacial advances over that time.  What initiated them is uncertain but changes in land mass, due to plate tectonics, altered the thermohaline circulation of the oceans and is the assumed culprit.  Volcanic activity, asteroid/comet impacts and a variety of geo and astrophysical cycles, including solar cycles, are commonly accepted as contributors to the glaciations.  Climate warms and cools as a result of short term, multi-decadal, multi-millennial, and longer term cycles coinciding with periodic changes in the thermohaline circulation, as well as orbital variations and inclinations of the Milankovitch cycles.  Together, these influences move the temperatures of our planet up and down on various time scales.

One theory, that Earth is about to enter a cooling phase related to waning solar activity, has caused some to believe that we are approaching a mini ice age similar to the Maunder and Dalton solar minimums of 1645 to 1715 and 1796 to 1820, respectively.  Valentina Zharkova, the author of the research sparking the ice age rumors, predicts a Maunder type minimum by the 2030’s.  Apparently, Zharkova failed to incorporate the implications of rapidly rising global temperature averages over the past decade, or so, into her data.  In spite of that, Ms. Zharkova was not the source of the ice age clamor… that would be the Media, who used her research to fuel a sensationalized view of potential short term cooling.  One can only surmise that the Media’s motive in sensationalizing her research was to distract attention from the dire state of warming the planet is actually experiencing.  This example makes it clear that fossil fuel industry spin doctors are hard at work in both mainstream and alternative media.

The high volume of volcanic activity during the Maunder and Dalton solar minimums is suggested as one source for the cooling of those periods.  Another source, Milankovitch Cycles, are the result of Earth’s orbital eccentricity, axial tilt, and precession.  Whether volcanic activity is linked to solar activity, Milankovitch Cycles, or both, remains to be seen but there is no doubt they are factors in our climate and must be considered when addressing the issue of global warming/cooling.  Climate is not a this, that, or the other equation, it is this AND that AND the other, with all potential impacting elements to be considered.  Consequently, anthropogenic climate forcing is now a factor that must be included in any climate projection.  Given the current population, on a planet prone to climate extremes, humanity’s input is absolutely capable of tipping the balance.  A climatic event that might have been dire but survivable, now becomes unsurvivable due to the less than judicious inputs of man.  As if mankind’s incidental environmental destruction wasn’t bad enough, we are now shooting ourselves in the foot with geoengineering’s intentional dispersals of toxic nanoparticulate heavy metal aerosols.  This “techno fix” is sealing the deal for our demise.

The sky above my home... inundated with spreading toxic aerosols. In varying degrees of expansion, they are also being modulated by radar pulses.

The sky above my home… inundated with spreading toxic aerosols. In varying degrees of expansion, they are also being modulated by radar pulses.

Which brings us to our current situation…
As stated earlier, according to most data, global average temperature should be on a downward trend and we should be in the process of dropping out of the current interglacial warm period.  Prior to the Industrial Revolution, we were on a downward trend, but that is no longer the case.  Many people who claim we are entering an ice age seem to miss the point that, according to data, temperatures should be cooling but aren’t… they are warming.

Canary in a coal mine…
Major volcanic eruptions have long been known to cool the climate, but the effects of the Mt. Pinatubo eruption in 1991 suggest a warming trend.  The poster child for SRM (artificially injected atmospheric aerosols meant to mimic the global cooling effects of large volcanic eruptions), Pinatubo was a VEI-6 magnitude event (volcanic explosive index, 6 out of possible 8) and the 19,000,000 tons of SO₂ (sulfur dioxide) that Pinatubo delivered to the stratosphere should have cooled the globe by more than the average 0.5°C recorded.  We were well into the warming effects of the industrial revolution and global population explosion by 1991, so Pinatubo’s cooling effect was offset by anthropogenic warming… and scientists now factor this in when making climate projections related to aerosols produced by Pinatubo type eruptions.  Krakatoa, which erupted a little over 100 years earlier and was also a tropical VEI-6 with a high SO₂ release, cooled the globe by 1.2 °C for 5 years (three years longer than Pinatubo).  Krakatoa’s SO₂ release was approximately 1.75 times the volume of Pinatubo’s, but it’s cooling effect was 2.4 times that of Pinatubo.  This implies that Pinatubo’s global cooling potential was reduced by more than 25% and implicates anthropogenic global warming, from industrialization, as a factor.

The bottom line is, in spite of a variety of natural processes that should be contributing to a cooling planet, the Earth is actually warming, and at a rate even faster than average global temperatures imply, due to offsets from natural processes that are actually masking the warming, rather than contributing to cooling.

The following excerpts from the most recent study on Earth’s cycles of glaciation (, found in an article by Dane Wigington of (Climate Engineering And The “Coming Ice Age” Narrative),  perfectly illustrates the above point and cannot be overstated:

The advent of industrial society has since raised this level to about 400ppm. Add another 1,000 to 1,500 gigatonnes of carbon to the atmosphere, and the next ice age is virtually guaranteed to be postponed by 100,000 years, the Potsdam scientists say.

“The bottom line is we are basically skipping a whole glacial cycle, which is unprecedented,” Andrey Ganopolski, who led the research team, told the Guardian. “It is mind-boggling that humankind is able to interfere with a mechanism that shaped the world as we know it.”

The study reinforces the assertion that the Earth has entered a so-called Anthropocene geological age, marked by humanity’s impact on the planet. An international scientific panel is working towards formally classifying the new epoch, with the middle of the 20th century suggested as a potential starting point for the new era.

This chart more accurately illustrates the cooling trend we WERE in as well as the extreme degree of warming that has occurred since the start of the industrial revolution

This chart illustrates the cooling trend we were in as well as the extreme degree of warming that has occurred since the start of the industrial revolution.

This compilation of multi-source data, for the Northern Hemisphere, over the past 1,000 years clearly shows the impact of the Industrial Revolution.

This compilation of multi-source data, for the Northern Hemisphere from 1000 AD to 2000 AD, clearly shows the impact of the Industrial Revolution.


2015 was the hottest year on record. And before that? 2014 was the latest official hottest year on record; 2013 was the 4th hottest year; and 2012 was in the top 10 hottest years since record keeping began in the 1880’s. In fact, the 10 warmest years in the instrumental record, with the exception of 1998, have occurred since 2000.

Regardless of whether we were headed for another Maunder style mini ice age, or were in the downward slide toward the next continental glaciation, there is a factor in the equation that cannot be ignored… anthropogenic climate forcing.  From doubling global population in the last 40 years, to decimation of the forests, to ever increasing greenhouse gasses, to industrial pollution on a global scale, to intentionally dispersed toxic SRM aerosols that do far more harm than good… our planet is being impacted by the activities of man and, to such a degree as to alter the climate and interfere with the natural cycles of cooling and warming.

The take away…
For the past 450,00 years Earth has been in a repeating cycle of glaciation punctuated by brief interglacial warm periods lasting a few thousand years.  Within the warm interglacials are climate extremes that illustrate the effects of climatic swings between warm and cold and allude to the delicate balance of any given climatic era… macro or micro.  Our planet is prone to change… with or without the hand of man.  Unfortunately mankind, now a force to be reckoned with, has chosen to throw its weight around with acts of devastation rather than seek a path in harmony with the laws of nature.  Humanity would be far better served using its intellect to understand and coexist in balance with our variable climate than attempting to control it while destroying the biosphere, our only life support system, in the process.

While some might argue that offsetting a pending ice age with anthropogenic global warming is a good thing, the dire environmental side effects we are experiencing from climate engineering and other anthropogenic activities far outweigh any perceived benefit of interfering with Earth’s processes.  Even if we were able to stave off an ice age, what good are mild temperatures on a planet too poisoned and degraded to support life?  We humans have the ability to adapt, survive and thrive, regardless of the climate… but not in a dead biosphere.

Our intellect is a double edged sword that can lead to either our salvation or annihilation.  It is time we use that intellect to pursue a path in balance with nature, rejecting the never ending techno fixes that always lead to the same dead ends.  From stratospheric ozone destruction, to degradation of air, water and soil by toxic nano-particulates, to incalculable health impacts, it is abundantly clear that climate geoengineering is making a bad environmental situation exponentially worse.  Without it we might be headed for the brick wall of climate catastrophe at 55mph… thanks to geoengineering we’re doing 100mph and picking up speed.  Our only hope is to let off the gas and hit the brakes on geoengineering NOW.  Any possibility of a survivable future depends on our immediate withdrawal from aerosol spraying… otherwise, we will not even have the opportunity to address whatever lies ahead, be it man caused or natural.

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GeoEngineering Watch

Then join the battle for the future of this planet, your children, and yourself… MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

Happy Trails... America!

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