The Equation… or Partly Sunny With a 100% Chance of Misdirection

The Equation… or
Partly Sunny With a 100% Chance of Misdirection

I haven’t been an internet researcher for very long… only since 2011, when I began spending a lot of time surfing the web and dipping into the data stream.  I was a naive traveler through that great warren of rabbit holes, assuming most people were honest and truthful about the data they were sharing… it didn’t take long to realize that, along with the truthful offerings, I was traversing a seething pit of ulterior motives and mind games, filled with disinformation for every interest imaginable.  What a disgraceful waste of a potentially planet saving resource.  But Truth lives there too and, with a little luck, more so than deception.

High Mountain Snag In Progress

The Tree of Knowledge (of Good and Evil)…    High Mountain Snag

Like the dendritic branching of a great river, YouTube led me to many unexpected data sources and realities that I had little knowledge of.  I became adept at researching the web, and grew my view of the big picture.  I became increasingly aware of the three most important words in media… agenda, agenda, agenda.  I also gained key insights into human behavior and how the willingness to deceive is facilitated by the use of avatar identity masks.  I became less gullible, while still endeavoring to retain an open mind.  It was, after all, the data I wanted… I wasn’t there to judge.  As the gravity of our global environmental situation becomes more dire with each passing day, judging those who are willfully contributing to the destruction of the biosphere, is getting harder not to do.

Snake River Canyon, Idaho

Snake River Canyon, Idaho

And The Beat Goes On…
Offending YT channels are not alone in their manifestation of baloney… unfortunately, they are among many drum beaters.  Blogs, newsgroups, websites, prosthelytizers et al, many are infused with liars disguised as your friendly neighborhood dissenter or guru.  “Hey… you can trust me… I’m on YOUR side!” (nod, nod, wink, wink).  No one is immune to them…  even, and especially, the most dedicated truthers will find themselves in the crosshairs of their manipulations, myself included.  Infiltration is a favorite ploy, left over from the social experiment we know as the 1960’s, replete with the battle whisper “destroy from within”.  They worked us then, and they are working us now.  Vigilance, in watching for agendas, is essential.

The Not So Immaculate Perception…
The alternative media didn’t arrive without parents… immaculately, if you will.  Not whatsoever.  It has been built upon a long standing tradition of lies and misdirection through a variety of media outlets and those who control them.  Quickly moving from books and newspapers to radio, to movies, to TV, to music, to the internet and beyond… whatever new conduit technology offers, the hidden hand is always there, ready to manipulate it.  It hardly bears saying that mainstream media outlets are controlled, it is so obvious.  There is, however, one mainstream outlet that has remained fairly low key over the years… one we trust and depend on, sometimes make fun of, other times hold on high as a source of data that has the capacity to save lives.  The weather report.  Funny, how the weatherman has always been the low man on the newsroom totem pole… in spite of the fact that he holds, within his data, our very future.  Is that just an accident?

SRM aerosols

SRM aerosols

Stormy Weather…
Lately, with the changing climate, the weatherman is taking on an entirely new persona.  Still that favorite uncle, or girl next door, but now with a whole new gravitas.  The weather “shows” are rapidly becoming the contrived base that props up the rest of the lies.  Yes, the weatherman has acquired a brand new status.  No longer the meek little fellow spewing ifs, ands and maybes, able to leap missed forecasts in a single bound.  Now he/she is the resident expert on all sorts of meteorological anomalies, new cloud types and extreme weather events, regardless of their understanding of the physics behind what they are so authoritatively “explaining” to us.  Because they are “experts” in a field most of us don’t know much about (though we easily could and should), we take their word for it.  Again, not an accident… we have been conditioned to accept whatever the weatherman says, without question.  For the most part mild and nonthreatening, the weatherman still manages to retain that favorite uncle/girl next door persona, regardless of their obvious complicity.

Camas Prairie, Idaho

For Example…
Here, in central Idaho, there is a small enclosed plain known as the Camas Prairie which has, at it’s heart, the tiny community of Fairfield.  Surrounded by hills and mountains on all sides, the Camas is an elongated bowl where cold air settles.  Because it trends in an east/west direction, westerly winds eventually push the accumulating cold air up over the eastern passes and out of the prairie.  I live in the next basin over, the Wood River Valley, which is only a few miles east of the Camas.  Normally, due to it’s topography, the Camas will have a low temperature that is somewhere between 5°f and 3°f lower than here in the Wood River Valley, despite having a similar elevation.  The Wood River Valley has a better escape hatch for the cold, which flows down slope through a long, triangular, north/south trending river valley.  The Bellevue Triangle forms it’s spreading base, where the sinking cold air is caught by westerly winds, pushing it easily through low passes on it’s east side, hence the slightly warmer temperatures.

Cara Mia?
Until the arrival of winter storm Cara, just prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, much of Idaho had been experiencing above average temperatures.  When the prediction of cooling with snow came in, my ears pricked up… it was about time.  The snowfall turned out to be minor, and most of the temps were as forecast.  But, there were some problems.  Not only did the forecasters not mention the fact that the temps were now 20°f below normal, after having been about 20°f above normal only days before (also without note), they failed to point out the most glaring temperature deviation on the entire weather map.  While the Wood River Valley would be shivering in unseasonably low teens, the tiny hamlet of Fairfield, in the heart of the Camas, was slated for MINUS 18°f.  Less than 30 miles away, and approximately a 30°f difference!  Even Stanley, 60 miles north of the Camas, with an elevation 1,000 ft higher and a long history of often being the coldest spot in the lower 48 (, had lows forecast several degrees above zero.  In fact, Fairfield’s conditions were not mentioned whatsoever… very unusual since, despite it’s tiny population, Fairfield is the primary community along a long stretch of well traveled, but desolate, highway.

Lies By Omission…
Not one word of this was mentioned by any of our state forecasters, even though the data was right there, on the TV screen, for all to see.  They happily pointed out how cold it was going to be 70 miles south, on the Snake River Plain, with temps dipping to -4°f in some locations, while blithely ignoring the -18°f Fairfield graphic as if it didn’t even exist.  Exist it did, and for several days.  Time and again the double digit sub zero graphic pushed -20°f… nary a word.  And this from men who, a decade ago, would have bent over backwards to point out such an anomaly.  Instead, they wrote off the near record breaking lows on the Snake River Plain as just another inversion, failing to even mention the extreme lows in Fairfield or the fact that the excessive unseasonable cold on the Snake River Plain was a result of mysterious frigid air pooling in lower elevation topographies where it couldn’t easily escape.

But, how could this be, Grasshopper?
Chemically nucleated snow.  Because the storm moving in from the west coast of the US was too warm to produce the desired cold as it crossed the Rockies and dropped into the Great Plains, it was chemically nucleated, via geoengineering aerosols, to do the job.  Once the nucleated snow was on the ground in Idaho, it continued to release excessive, chemically generated, cold.  That cold air, unable to escape the bowl that is the Camas Prairie, continued to build into lows that were far below normal for the time of year… lows that should have been reported as potentially record breaking, but weren’t even mentioned.  So, who is responsible?  The weather makers, Raytheon et al, and those who control the message such as the Rothschilds (Weather Central:, Bain Capital, Blackstone and NBCUniversal (The Weather Channel –, Monsanto (The Climate Corporation, which underwrites weather insurance for farmers:, and their complicit weather casting minions, to name a few.  But why?  Misdirection keeps folks from seeing the problem, doing research, finding out what is actually happening, and coming to an awareness of the all out contrived and controlled manipulation of The Weather.  Just another case, among many, of damage control for a nucleated storm side effect… served up by our friendly, trusted, local forecasters.  They finally had to ‘fess up a month and a half later when Fairfield temps were forecast for MINUS 38°f… that bullet was just too big to dodge, but it was well enough into winter to mention it without raising many eyebrows.  The pattern has become obvious, temps begin to reach unseasonable winter highs, we’re hit with snowstorms manifesting well above freezing, then temps immediately drop to well below normal as soon as the snow is on the ground.  Once the chemical nucleation beings to subside, the temps shoot above normal and the process is repeated.

Cara’s Cold Shoulder…
Since the setup for winter storm Cara required cold temps that would ultimately clash with warm moisture streaming up from the Gulf of Mexico, creating the called for weather event in the midwest, ice nucleation was the required prescription.  If there were a few glitches in sparsely populated regions like my part of Idaho, so be it… keep it quiet and maybe no one will notice.

e-coli in Ice Nucleation:
1970 –
1974 Ice Nucleation Induced by Pseudomonas syringae:
Supersonic Expansion Method of Ice Nuclei Generation for Weather Modification:

SRM, solar radiation management, aerosols.

SRM, solar radiation management, aerosols.

Sunny Skies?
I remember when forecasts were “partly cloudy” if there was to be unsettled weather.  Now we have “partly sunny” forecasts that have nothing to do with unsettled weather, and everything to do with cirrus cover generated by climate geoengineering via SRM, SAG and SAI (solar radiation management, stratospheric aerosol generation and stratospheric aerosol injection).  In fact, the words and phrases now in use by the weather casting community make it easy to know if we should expect a sky full of intentionally dispersed aerosols.  Partly sunny… oh yeah?  Which part?  The part that can make it through the toxic, artificially generated, aerosol haze.

Regardless of the type of news you are consuming… political, social, financial, environmental, weather or whatever, the probability is that you are only getting part of the story, loaded with generous helpings of propaganda, lies and misdirection.  While some percentage of truth is always present in the equation, it’s just enough to keep you placated and not asking questions… to bolster your confidence in the fabrications, omissions and misdirections.

What’s It All About, Alfie…
Why is manipulation of weather via global climate engineering, and the ongoing media denial of it, a big deal?  Because we live on a finite planet from which there is no escape and climate engineering is devastating it from every direction.  Our biosphere was already being devastated by the negative side effects of industrialization… to the point of environmental collapse on many levels.  It was already imperative that we address our environmental issues to avert global catastrophe, even before the implementation of the climate engineering programs.  By the late 1930’s we were approaching a global tipping point and those at the top, who have been reaping the benefits of industrialization, were well aware of the dangerous future we faced as a result of the cumulative effects of industry plus accelerating population growth.  Rather than bite the bullet and do the right thing to preserve a healthy biosphere for all, they chose to exalt profits over people.  They are ok with massive numbers of people and wildlife dying… just don’t touch that bottom line.  Their solution?  More pollution.  And, not just any pollution… a toxic brew of chemicals, biologicals and heavy metals, aerosolized and intentionally dispersed in nearly incomprehensible quantities, capable of impacting virtually every living system on this planet.  What sane human is not capable of recognizing the fact that, when a teeter-totter is beginning to tip, adding weight to the heavy side will only bring it crashing down faster?  This is, in essence, the effect of engineering the climate.  They are making a bad situation exponentially worse, with each passing day and each passing jet.

High altitude forest in distress.

High altitude forest in distress.

Troll, Troll, Troll Your Boat…
Regardless of the spin from industrial interest shills and trolls, we were already in very big trouble.  From accelerated warming, to toxins in the air water and soil, to collapsing ecosystems… the signs were all there and the powers that be were well aware of the dire potential.  Rather than choose a more balanced path, they preferred to carry on with business as usual, attempting to hide the warming climate by emulating large volcanic eruptions that would temporarily bring temperatures down, with a massive, global program of climate engineering via dispersed aerosols.  Rather than appraise the public of our tenuous environmental situation, so we could make informed decisions regarding the way forward, they chose a campaign of disinformation.  Better to hire hucksters and trolls to convince the masses that nothing is wrong or bully anyone who thinks otherwise, than to address the problems logically and reasonably.  Never mind that the chemicals, biologicals and heavy metals used in the aerosol programs are toxic to life and are pushing us over the edge into a global collapse of the food chain, from the bottom up… or that our oxygen producing forests are being decimated.  Don’t worry about the destruction of the water cycle and the resultant displacement of millions of people.  Why worry about reality on the ground when you can escape to your DUMB when all hell breaks loose?  Besides, think of the money to be made on the materials and fuel for a global aerial dispersal program that runs 24/7, with the added bonus of a disposal technique for that pesky coal fly ash and other hazardous wastes.

The Equation…
We are being mind controlled and manipulated through every source of information imaginable, and by experts in the field.  Whether through TV, movies, or the internet and regardless if the source is mainstream or alternative, the effect is the same.  They have been at it a very long time, have all sources at their disposal, and will not stop voluntarily until all is lost and/or there is no one left to manipulate.  It is to us to put a stop to it, by refusing to participate in the ploy.  We must educate ourselves about what is going on and the techniques in use, and share what we learn.  The darker side of YT includes a vast sea of deceit, deception, and manipulation, where many of the channels that are monetized get paid for the toxic sludge they present as truth.  Half truths, misdirection, deception by omission, and flat out lies run rampant, while a plethora of agendas rule the day.  If people would recognize that many so called truth channels are minions of the elitists, disguised to blend in while keeping viewers distracted, we might be able to rid ourselves of the predatory pretenders.  Their methodology is simple and time tested: tell the people something they already know or believe to be true, then, toss them a bone with some small revelation you can afford to give up, finally, slip in the lies and propaganda.  It is a well used equation with variable integers… sometimes it takes more truth to set it up, sometimes not so much… but they will always first gain your confidence with truth and a tidbit.
Through recognition of the tactics, we disempower their effect.  Since truth always lies hidden somewhere within the manipulators equation, we have the opportunity to glean it from the deception, thereby enriching our ever growing understanding of the bigger picture.  The following YouTube videos about mind control and the Media, while informative, also utilize, to some extent, the same types of mind control referenced in this article… the viewer is urged to always remain watchful for manipulative devices and attempt to discern between truth and deception, regardless of the source.
Programming the Nation:
How Television is used to Control Your Mind:
This is a very revealing article but, again, remember to be watchful for agendas.
10 Modern Methods of Mind Control:
Lies, Damned Lies and Stupid Lies…
I recently watched a video on a popular YouTube channel that is a perfect example of the “truth+assumed truth+suspected truth+propaganda/misdirection/lies” equation and attempted mind control and deceptive tactics.  One of the most telling behaviors in that video was the lack of logical thinking, i.e. a complete unwillingness to even entertain the mathematics of industrialization+explosive population growth and the impacts of resource depletion and resultant waste generation within a finite system such as Earth’s biosphere.  For the most part it was a blatant example of the Hegelian dialectic… present a problem, compel a reaction, offer a “solution” that covertly furthers a hidden agenda, while we, the observers, watch from a safe distance and choose which side to root for… keeping us distracted from the actual topic of importance: in this case, a survivable biosphere.  The truth and import of the real issue is never overtly presented.  Being already awake to conditions on the ground, I found their video hard to watch, and only persevered because I wanted to be thorough in my evaluation.  It is, without doubt, a resounding example of many of the mind control techniques currently permeating our sources of information, albeit cheap and poorly executed.

This same channel has also featured some extremely valid topics in the past but a quick perusal of their overall video content reveals a less than realistic focus.  Consequently, their presentation of real threats to our well being must be considered a ploy to gain and maintain trust in order to compel us to swallow the type of propaganda presented.  AKA, just another con game.

Forest in distress along the shores of Redfish Lake, Idaho.

Forest in distress along the shores of Redfish Lake, Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Idaho, USA

Say What?
As someone who saw through the mainstream BS back in the mid 1960s, and who has lived and thought outside of the box ever since, someone who has been aware of, and deeply connected to, the environment around them for all that time, someone who has always cared about and monitored conditions on the ground, I can tell you, unequivocally, that climate change and global warming are NOT hoaxes.  Climate change is an ongoing phenomenon of warming and cooling cycles that are perfectly natural and normal for this planet.  However, the warming our planet is now experiencing is far beyond the realm of a normal cycle.  If the Earth wasn’t being impacted by anthropogenic warming as a result of industrialization and geoengineering, we might still be in a cooling cycle, unfortunately, that cooling was vanquished by the outputs of industrialization and population growth by the mid 1800’s.  While an ice age is no cake walk, humanity has survived them time and again, and it is a far better choice than an anthropogenically induced, out of control, warming cycle being perpetuated using toxins that will make life on this planet impossible, guaranteeing a massive extinction event that includes humankind.  To put it in more simplistic terms, thanks to being born in a regionally hot zone (California’s San Joaquin Valley), and then, spending much of my youth in a region known for cold (the Tahoe Basin), I realized that one can always find ways to get warmer but, your ability to get cooler (by reducing clothing, or whatever) is far more limited and, ultimately, reaches a finite point.

To ignore, or write off as negligible, the impact of industrialization in conjunction with a continuously increasing population is beyond foolish, it’s deadly.  Global population has doubled over the last 40 years and, while that span of time is not linear, to double numbers that are in the billions in so short a span of time, is nearly incomprehensible.  Here is an example of how quickly this is happening:
from 268,434,000 at A.D. 0 to 536,868,000 by 1650… 1,650 years to double
from 536,868,000 at 1650 to 1,073,736,000 by 1850… 200 years to double
from 1,073,736,000 at 1850 to 2,147,472,000 by 1930… 80 years to double
from 2,147,472,000 at 1930 to 4,294,944,000 by 1976… 46 years to double
from 4,294,944,000 at 1976 to projected 8,589,888,000 by approximately 2020… 44 years to double
Although the doubling trend is currently slowing, each subsequent doubling still has fewer years between and the overall impact of such massive numbers cannot be overstated.  It doesn’t take a mathematician to grasp the implications of industrialization+massive population growth.

50 years of awareness, and real life monitoring of the changes happening on this planet, has given me a data set that cannot be dashed into oblivion by professional or wannabe manipulators.  Tidbits of truth accompanied by massive servings of “look here, not there” do not work on me.  I would like to believe the producers of that video are merely too ignorant to grasp the big picture but, since they present themselves as experts in the field of almost any given subject du’jour, I’d say complicit is more like it.  What were they offered for their complicity?  Sanctuary?  Safe haven?  Do they really believe they will find safety somewhere, on a planet too poisoned and decimated to support life of any sort, in return for selling out?  Really?  I hope those folks dig their karma.

The Ball Is In Your Court…
If you want to preserve a survivable planet where you can exercise freedom of choice, while leaving a future for your children and descendants, you must think for yourself.  The data is out there, do the research, it’s really not difficult.  When you come across an unfamiliar term, paste it into a search engine and check it out.  Same goes for groups and individuals… always pay attention to the source of information (via the url) so you can assess the validity of the data.  Along with the tidbits of truth offered by the would be manipulators, that which they wish to keep hidden can be found seeping out as well.  We must develop and apply our powers of perception, not only to discern truth from BS but, also, to pick up on the subtle clues unwittingly dropped while attempting to conceal what they are so desperately trying to hide.  If we want to defeat the tyranny that is willfully destroying our planet’s life support systems, we must extract and use any and all hidden truths from the great behemoth of falsehoods and misdirection we know as The Media.  Don’t let those, whose only agenda is to continue to manifest the current unsurvivable paradigm, spoon feed you into oblivion.  When you see a money trail, try to imagine who might have a dog in that fight and you will usually uncover where the trail leads.  Use your free will to discover truth and, above all, share the truths you discover.  Together we are strong, and can defeat the tyrannical liars who are systematically pulling the miracle that is our amazing planet Earth, from under our feet.  We must act now… the clock is ticking and, when the buzzer sounds, it’s curtains for all of us.

The following images are an example of the effects of our changing climate and, especially, the impact of climate engineering aerosols on the health of forests around the world.  These images reflect changes within the Frank Church River Of No Return Wilderness, in Idaho, USA.  This particular wilderness area is the largest contiguous unit of the National Wilderness Preservation System in the Lower 48, second in size only to California’s Death Valley Wilderness, which consists of many non-contiguous pieces. This area combines the old Idaho Primitive Area, the Salmon Breaks Primitive Area, territory on six national forests, and a small swath of land managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Senator Frank Church played a key role in the passage of the Wilderness Act of 1964, and his name was added to the Wilderness in 1984, shortly before his death.

The Frank Church Wilderness... a rare Idaho gem.

The Frank Church Wilderness… a rare Idaho gem.

The Frank Church Wilderness... a rare Idaho gem.

The Frank Church Wilderness… home of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River.

The Frank Church Wilderness... abundant forest.

The Frank Church Wilderness… abundant forest.

The Frank Church Wilderness... a rare Idaho gem?

The Frank Church Wilderness… a rare Idaho gem?

The Frank Church Wilderness... a rare Idaho gem that is rapidly fading away.

The Frank Church Wilderness… a rare Idaho gem that is rapidly fading away.

The Frank Church Wilderness... a rare Idaho gem that is disintegrating into dying forests as far as the eye can see.

The Frank Church Wilderness… a rare Idaho gem that is disintegrating into dying forests as far as the eye can see.

Sadly, a large part of the internet really is a seething pit of ulterior motives and mind games, a disgraceful waste of a potentially planet saving resource.  It is being manipulated by the elitists favorite ploy… lies wrapped in a cozy blanket of truth.  Working together, we can pull back that blanket to reveal the lies… cold, and shivering in their nakedness.

Covering lies, inside a Blanket of Truth

A Good Place To Start:
Important Documents:

Geoengineering, A Clear And Present Danger:
New Science Study Examines Methods To Gain Public Acceptance Of Climate Engineering:

Manipulating The Masses As Societal Collapse Accelerates:

Engineering 50°F Degree Snowstorms:

Catastrophic Pacific Ocean Die-Off, The US Military’s All Out Assault On The Web Of Life:

The Engineered Winter Deception, Chemical Ice Nucleation:

Sharing The Geoengineering Issue With Families Who Don’t Want To Know:

Why Are Geoengineering Researchers Being Stonewalled?:
Government Implements Illegal “Gag Order” On National Weather Service And NOAA Employees:

Massive US Senate Document On National And Global Weather Modification:

Global Warming or Looming Ice Age

Some Helpful Tips on Recognizing Disinformation
(bear in mind that this was written over 15 years ago and is not a new phenomenon):
Twenty-Five Ways To Suppress Truth: The Rules of Disinformation (Includes The 8 Traits of A Disinformationalist)
by H. Michael Sweeney – copyright (c) 1997, 2000 All rights reserved (Revised April 2000):

This has also been published on Marinangeleo as “Exposing Tyranny: 25 Ways The Truth Is Suppressed via The Rules of Disinformation”


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