How Flat Earthers Are Undermining The Truth Movement

1516 drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci showing the Earth as a globe… the most brilliant mind of his time and yet he falls for the, so called, “ball Earth lie”. It’s unlikely Leonardo ever fell for anything, he was always an out of the box thinker and an astute student of the natural world. Chances are, he was well aware of the spherical shape of our world, long before the voyage of Columbus.

There is a phenomenon sweeping our world, or, certain zones of the internet, anyway.  It’s brought to you by the cavalcade of con artists known as Flat Earthers. I’m not saying all Flat Earthers are con artists intentionally manipulating people, my guess is many are merely victims of the con themselves.  Unfortunately, once the victims of the con become convinced of its validity and set about convincing others, they become part and parcel of it.  The fact that a mindset promoting the Earth as flat has grown into something even worthy of comment, attests to the success of this particular con game… as well as the need to address the threat it poses to our wellbeing.

For those unfamiliar with the Flat Earth movement, do a YouTube search for it and watch a few videos.  If you are scientifically well versed, brace yourself for a bizarre ride that may be difficult to endure, but is necessary in order to get the gist of this particular rabbit hole.  The material may be disturbing to logical thinkers, regardless of scientific background, and especially those with good observational skills.  After my first few forays into the subject I reached a point where the illogical reasoning was too much to bear. Although I periodically attempt to watch new FE material, I find it impossible to make it through an entire video.  As a professional illustrator with well developed observational skills, who has dealt, hands on, with perspective and the casting of light for over 50 years, the Flat Earth argument falls apart very quickly for me, based on the observable world alone.  Because of my lifelong interests in geology, astronomy, physics, meteorology, nature, etc., the holes in the FE concept become glaringly obvious.  As a spiritual person in search of truth and an understanding of the big picture, from creation through infinity, the FE fairy tale is an insult to my very being.

The FE crowd uses Biblical text to support their flattened view of the world, thus injecting religion into the mix.  Not surprising, since a moderately successful modern proponent of the movement was a minister; Wilbur Glenn Voliva, who in 1906 took over the Christian Catholic Church, a Pentecostal sect that established a utopian community at Zion, Illinois, and who preached flat Earth doctrine from 1915 onward.  It’s not hard to understand the level of his success with it, given the status of mass education and available forms of communication at the time.  While it’s not likely that those currently generating this scam are truly of a Christian bent, they are obviously aware of the willingness of religious followers to reject science for blind faith… a potent tool to manipulate under-educated masses into demonizing and thus demoting scientific analysis.  The inability, or unwillingness, to critically and logically analyze data makes the task of pulling the wool over the eyes of sheeple very easy.  The truth is, our world is filled with folks who don’t want to know what is really going on and willingly allow the wool to be pulled over their eyes.  They want to live in their own little bubble, believing that things happening to other people, in other places, don’t affect them… things like social upheaval, anthropogenic climate disruption, economic collapse, climate geoengineering and decimation of the biosphere, to name a few.  One day though, the hidden hand that is squashing those other people, in other places, will come and squash them, too.  Unfortunately, for them, there will be no escape because they closed their eyes and refused the opportunity to see it coming.

What’s puzzling is how the current FE movement is managing to mislead people, in our era of mass education and instant communication.  In my opinion, it’s a result of the decimation of our educational system, at least here in the States. With each passing day and each dying species, there is an apparent inability of the general population to willingly or competently use critical thought to process the data coming at us from every region of our failing biosphere.  This makes it painfully clear that the poor performance of our educational system over the past 40 years may have been intentional, to keep the population dumbed down, complacent and disinterested in anything but that which affects them directly.  A ploy to keep us, the masses, from having the observational and processing skills needed to determine, understand and address the evolving conditions in the world around us.  This failure on the part of our educational system, to instill critical thought, makes something as absurd as a flat Earth digestible for far too many.

One might think, what’s the harm?  Let them have their fun, laugh at the foolishness and move on.  The disturbing reality is, this is far from fun and games.  This has become gravely serious.  But, how can that be, Grasshopper?  What impact could such a frivolous mindset have?  To understand the gravity of this question, one must consider the state of our planet, and where we are headed in the very near future.  We stand on the brink of global collapse on several fronts… financial, social, environmental, political and now, apparently, intellectual.  We need our intellect functioning at optimum level in order to recognize and critically assess the many, catastrophic, scenarios bearing down on us at breakneck speed.  The last thing we need is a distraction like this, pulling us away from the monumentally important task at hand of waking the masses to the threats we are all facing… threats to our planet’s very ability to sustain life.  How is it that such an idiotic concept is able to reach global proportions?  Apparently, through the thorough planning of a multi-level psy-op, originating from the bowels of the Military Industrial Complex… also known as the Deep State.  Yet another roadside attraction, among many, meant to distract and deceive.

How is the surprising level of success of this psy-op being accomplished?  Through a layered approach that is woven into an already existing conspiracy theory community… among whom far too many are ready made dupes, pre-conditioned to accept the possibility of the unlikely, reject the probability of the obvious, do no investigating of their own nor use critical thinking.  They just want to be spoon fed the data, regardless of it’s accuracy or legitimacy.  Thanks to the CIA and their creation of the term “conspiracy theory”, to cover their tracks in the assassination of JFK, the ability to mislead the public has become exponentially greater than prior to 1963.  As George Carlin so succinctly put it… “They try to make it so your belief in conspiracy makes you outside the norm, that you’re a kook, that you’re a ‘conspiracy buff’.”  Of course we all know what happened to good old George.  He, and the Kennedys, and countless other victims who have been taken out for their intellect, honesty and sense of righteous indignation, reveal that no one is safe from the Deep State/MIC… not even the POTUS.  At this point, most of us have little chance of championing truth without repercussions. The more attention one draws, the more likely the Eye of Sauron will fall upon them, leading to some unpleasantry or another.

George Carlin Video on The American Dream

How many sincere Truthers have fallen victim to the FE psy-op?  One can only guess, but it’s a pretty sure bet that they have been made an “offer they can’t refuse”.  “Do as we say and we’ll help you succeed” or, “Do as we say and we’ll leave you alone” or “Do as we say or you’ll regret it”.  Regardless of the approach used, the result is the same… the silencing of a voice of truth or the gaining of a new recruit in the army of deception.  Far too many members of the truth community, some well followed and respected, are publicly discussing, entertaining or even championing, the FE doctrine… lending it a level of credence it most certainly does not deserve.  Not only does this create a massive distraction from the very dire problems we are facing globally, it undermines the credibility of the entire truth community, sapping validity from actual, prescient issues that are also being addressed there… hitting it with a double barreled shotgun, loaded for bear.  Unfortunately, many Truthers seem to be blissfully ignorant of the level of all out deception they are swimming in, or the magnitude of the monitoring of their data.  They tend to make easy targets when revealing some nugget that may put a chink in the armor of those who are perpetrating the all out decimation of our planet.  The Deep State solution is to make us all look like fools, through psy-ops like the Flat Earth movement, via guilt by association.  Thanks to the likes of FE, and regardless of the validity of any given topic within the truth community, it all gets lumped together and sent to the corner, wearing a gigantic tinfoil dunce cap.

Not only does this undermine the validity of the truth movement in general, it also causes confusion among Truthers regarding who is legit and who is an operative.  When one sees a Truther they identify with promoting the FE, it’s easy to assume that individual has already done the homework, and the viewer/reader can jump to a conclusion without doing any investigation of their own.  This is similar, in effect, to the “just read the headline, don’t bother with the content” mentality that is so pervasive among much of the public at large. Most don’t realize that some headlines are pure NLP (neuro linguistic programming), designed to elicit a reaction without provoking investigation. In the world of NLP “headline” seems to have a double meaning… no longer just the header of an article, it’s also a device to get inside your head to manipulate your opinion without causing you to question the data.  The tendency to skim data, in our “oh, so busy” world, is an important facilitator in the dis-info artist’s toolbox and both manipulative headlines, and “turned” Truthers, are prime examples of this bait and switch approach. The importance of remaining detached and objective when consuming data, be it written, or from the mouth of a respected Truther, cannot be overstated.  Critical thought is your best friend… it will help you identify operatives, who are just yanking your chain. Unfortunately, the current of deception running through the truth community is extensive and well camouflaged… so ironic.  Developing good skills of discernment, and learning to trust your gut, will serve you well.

The reality is, at a time when all hands are desperately needed on deck, just to keep this ship afloat, can we really afford to have a segment of the crew playing charades and enticing the rest of us to join them?  How would you feel if you were aboard a sinking luxury liner, but the crew would not stop playing shuffleboard because they wanted you to think everything is fine, even as the Captain, First Mate and VIPs drift away with all the lifeboats?  Would you be outraged?  Well, that is exactly how you should feel right now, because that is exactly what is happening.  The good ship Mother Earth is going down and the people most responsible for her destruction are doing everything in their power to distract the masses from being aware of that fact, all the while preparing for their own escape.  In this instance, the distraction is via the ludicrous FE movement.  Don’t let them get away with it.  Invest in critical thought, as if it were the key to your future… it is.  Wield logic, as if it were a sword.  Cling to your moral compass, as if it were your salvation from the darkness.  Stand on your honor, as if it were the last thing you possess.  And, last but not least, shake the hell out of your friends, family and acquaintances until you wake those Rip Van Winkles up… we need all hands on deck now, and thinking clearly!

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