The Picture of Love

The following poem, written for my Mom on this Mother’s Day, May 14th, 2017,

was 60 years in the making…

The Picture of Love

When I was small, and you went away
I thought of you each and every day
The reason I know that this is true
Are the pictures Bobo had of you

Perched high upon his chest of drawers
Never kept behind closed doors
Bright and shining, for all to see
Especially, brother George and me

I gazed at them, as I passed their way
Placed well, so in our hearts you’d stay
Reminding us, from their spot above
Of your true, unending love

There was another picture too
Though it wasn’t one of you
It was a mother… and her child
Held in embrace… tender and mild

On the wall, close to my bed
I’d look at it when prayers were said
“Now I lay me, down to sleep
I pray the Lord, my soul to keep”

And I’d imagine it was you…
Holding me, with love so true
Keeping my heart and spirit strong
Reminding me where I belong

In time’s shuffle, it was lost
For me, that brought a poignant cost
I had held it, oh so dear
Over all those childhood years

After countless more years passed
It found its way to me at last
From the wall of an old store
To my home, and lost no more

As I paid for my new prize,
And tears were welling in my eyes
I thanked the Lord for His kind act
In bringing my dear picture back

To remind me every day
Though I’m the one that’s now away
The sweetest gift, sent from above
Has always been my Mother’s love


Your loving daughter,


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