Daniel Steven Peña Sr., also known as Dan Peña, is an American philanthropist, businessman and high-performance business coach. He resides at Guthrie Castle in Scotland, is prominent for his eight-day Castle Seminar on his “Quantum Leap Advantage” methodology, and claims to have produced $50 billion in equity and value.

Commentary on the above, linked, video…

Does this pig talk like someone who gives a rat’s ass about living things like babies and puppies, whales and forests? Does his lifestyle imply that he is a compassionate soul who has regard for the miracle of life that is known as Planet Earth? Since he referred to Earth as a “miserable planet” the answer to those questions is obvious. You know he would lie right to your face just to make more money, and then laugh about how gullible you are.  Isn’t that apparent, for all to see?

His remark that a scientist told him increasing CO2 may have exacerbated climate change but “in the cosmos of time, of the 13.8 billion years that we have been on this miserable planet, it’s not a fart in the wind.” was pure bullshit. Earth is around 4.5 billion years old, not 13.8 billion, and modern humans have been present for only about 200,000 years of that time, so he was off by 13,799,800,000 years. That’s thirteen billion, seven hundred and ninety-nine million, eight hundred thousand years. His point is both vastly inaccurate and desperately moot. The issue is not about what happened billions of years before the arrival of man… it is about what is happening now, in the anthropocene. This guy is spewing so much crap that he looks like a talking toilet. Of course, the fact that our biosphere is degrading so rapidly that even Peña will survive long enough to witness global environmental cataclysm, is obviously no reason for him to stop selling us all down the river.

So, why is that, Grasshopper? Because this person has gone beyond the narcissistic narrative of the self involved elite and embraced full on psychopathy. He is the face of the evil that is devouring our only home, our beautiful planet. He seethes with hatred and contempt for the common folk… as do so many of the, so called, elite (witness the dismissive gesture given toward the questioning woman, by Peña’s buddy on stage, when he tells her to sit down… like he’s shooing away some pestering fly, “be off with you, you’re not worth our time”). When the masses finally get the drift of what the elite have been doing to them for the past 100+ years, people like Peña will be pursued and prosecuted. I’m guessing lists, of planet eating monsters like him, are already being compiled. That is a list I would not want my name on… and a list where I pray that his name is indelibly printed.

If money is your god, then you deserve the hell descending on all of us. The nonhuman innocents of this planet, the layers of life that have given us a safe haven upon which to dwell and grow, they deserve none of it… but are already suffering and dying in massive numbers. When they are gone, no matter whether you live in a castle or a hovel, you will follow them into the oblivion brought upon us all by the few, the wealthy, the planet eating elite.

There was, and is, a better way. Seek it, before it is too late for this planet to continue supporting life as we know it. Balance in Nature is the only salvation for Life on Earth. Life on Earth allows humanity a place to dwell and time to find its spiritual path. We are not here to grow rich in the banker’s eyes, we are here to grow rich in eternal wisdom. We are here to learn how to live, not how to kill. We are here to discover how to build up our spirit, not tear down the Earth that supports us. We are here… let’s not waste this briefest of moments for a handful of gold, an armload of baubles or a castle full of bullshit.

The following video, from YouTuber Canadian Prepper, gives one a more clear idea of what Dan Peña is really about:

When the Dan Peñas of this world are finally silenced by the undeniable reality of accelerated climate change via global warming, they will simply carry on generating wealth the same way they have been for decades… through their investments in what is known as the Military Industrial Complex, but also includes Banking, Medical and Pharmaceutical elements. When the effects of this anthropocene influenced climate shift can no longer be ignored, they will “respond” with Solar Radiation Management aerosols, aerosols that have already been covertly in use for decades.

Even though the use of aerosol programs, to combat global warming, has recently been “officially” brought to the public’s attention, even a small amount of research reveals their presence for decades. The problem is, the materials in use are extremely toxic, volatile, and have a cumulative effect. The fires in California, and elsewhere around the globe, are an example of the cumulative effects of the volatiles as they are taken into the forest ecosystems, causing devastatingly hotter burning fires that sterilize the forest floor. In the case of California, eight years of drought allowed the aerosol coating on everything to layer up, resulting in fires that literally burned entire neighborhoods to the ground. There is also the probability that most of those homes were built with lumber infused with these volatiles, during their time in the forest. The result is fires that burn hot enough to melt metal wheels on nearby parked cars and that leave only ashes where homes once stood.

Use of the aerosols obviously exacerbates the negative environmental effects of an industrialized world with a population of nearly 8 billion. Even without intentionally dispersed toxic aerosols, humanity was perched on the precipice of global environmental catastrophe… covertly adding them to the mix for decades, and continuing to do so now, in ever increasing amounts, will only serve to push us over the edge.

Please visit GeoEngineering Watch at http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/ for the best source of information on this dire topic.

An excellent, up to date presentation…
Hacking The Planet… The Catastrophic Consequences of Climate Engineering (Dane Wigington):

Also, Dane’s weekly news videos are very informative…
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 30, 2017, #125:

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 23, 2017, #124:

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 16, 2017, #123:





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