Guy McPherson Community Attacks Dahr Jamail For Exercising His Rights – or… The Sport

Dahr Jamail Blocks Guy McPherson On Social Media… YouTube video from Seemorerocks

The following is my commentary on comments, from the Guy McPherson community, that were (are) posted below the above video, on its original YouTube page:

Booting The Messenger (internet algorithms dictate that I put a “B” in front of “_ooting” rather than the traditional “Sh”).
or… Guy McPherson Community Attacks Dahr Jamail For Exercising His Rights
or… The Sport

In regards to Dahr Jamail’s activities… Dahr is a journalist, doing his job. He should not be faulted for accepting a paycheck or marketing his book. At least he is trying to sound the alarm, continuing to wake people up to the global catastrophe descending on us all, encouraging them to take action. Other than galavanting around the planet, spreading a “don’t worry, be happy” message, what is Guy doing to alert the masses? With over 20 years in the educating of young minds as a professor of natural resources, ecology and evolutionary biology he, of all people, should have seen this coming and started waking the masses decades ago. I could see it in 1969… and I was only 14. I have been pitching a bitch ever since, but no-one would listen to me… I was just a kid, or just a hippie, or just a mom, or just an under educated member of the working class. Guy, with all his professorial credibility, has no excuse for not stepping up to the plate much sooner, when there was still time to have a significant impact. It seems he just carried on getting HIS paycheck, for decades, regardless of what was headed down the pike at us. Guy remained silent, on public platforms, until it was far too late. How much of a sacrifice is it, giving up a paycheck and tenured position, when you believe the whole shebang is about to come crashing down anyway? Guy, knowing how deep into the game we are, eventually begins speaking out but, instead of championing Life on Earth by committing his energy to preserving some part of whatever remains of the future, just cops out and jumps on the guru wagon. Ommm… traveling on other people’s dime, massaging his ego and telling us all to eat, drink and be merry ‘cause we haven’t got a fucking chance. Once he realized the non-future of our economic paradigm, Guy cashed it in for something of more value to himself and, voila!… Walter Mitty becomes Baba Ram Das. In my opinion, Guy is, and apparently always has been, a sell out… he’s simply transcended to a new level.

Will you let Guy soothe your conscience, so you can die contentedly when this shit show comes screaming into your home? I, for one, shall not go quietly into that good night… I’m yelling and kicking all the way. Not out of fear for my life, but in hopes that my cries of outrage will help awaken any who are willing to listen. To paraphrase Jiddu Krishnamurti from decades ago, those who lead safe lives die very safely. We all die eventually, if we don’t risk anything along the way, we don’t lose anything; but we don’t gain anything, either. Isn’t attempting to change this paradigm worth the risk, regardless of the likely outcome or level of success? No one can predict how Nature will respond, once given a chance. Not even Guy.

Krishnamurti’s full quote, from chapter 15 of Think On These Things, is very prescient to our current situation:
“You know, in biology there is a phenomenon called the sport, which is a sudden and spontaneous deviation from the type. If you have a garden and have cultivated a particular species of flower, one morning you may find that something totally new has come out of that species. That new thing is called the sport. Being new it stands out, and the gardener takes a special interest in it. And life is like that. The moment you venture out, something takes place in you and about you. Life comes to your aid in various ways. You may not like the form in which it comes to you – it may be misery, struggle, starvation – but when you invite life, things begin to happen. But you see, we don’t want to invite life, we want to play a safe game; and those who play a safe game die very safely. Is that not so?”

We all die, someday… why not strive to make a positive, contributing difference before you go? Take a risk for the sake of the future… what have you got to lose? If you die hiding from reality, it will cost you… your soul will be hindered by the weight of whatever guilt you bear, whether you acknowledge it in life, or not. Will you let that weight hold you down, or will you shed it by doing the right thing, by trying to make a difference for the good of all Life? Don’t let people like Guy take that opportunity away from you, by telling you it’s ok to accept the unacceptable. It isn’t… especially when it’s the looming demise of our biosphere, with multitudinous layers of Life hanging in the Balance. Be brave, stand up and make a difference, no matter how small. Be a sport. Your soul, and billions upon billions of lifeforms, will thank you for it.

As we all now stand together, perched on the precipice of mass extinction, shouldn’t focusing on bringing the largest single biospheric offense to a halt, be a first priority? Particularly, an offense that is being committed intentionally, globally, and on a massive scale. Specifically, the constant aerosol particulate assault perpetrated by the airline industry and the Military Industrial Complex. This attack, on the very air we breath, is being conducted globally, without regard for its consequences.

The airlines call it vapor condensation and pretend its particulates are minor pollutants. The MIC calls it what they want you to think it is… Solar Radiation Management. It is that, and much more… none of it for the greater good. On the contrary, rather than a benevolent solution to Global Warming, it is anything but. It poisons the air, water and soil. It changes soil pH, leading to the devastation of forests worldwide. It acidifies the oceans, devastating marine biology. It disrupts the water cycle, bringing droughts and floods. It is rapidly destroying the stratospheric ozone layer… our only defense against increasingly high levels of extremely damaging UV light. Ultimately, it increases solar heating on the surface of Earth, rather than reducing it, continuously triggering a plethora of positive feedback loops. And, it is being used with the full knowledge of its negative consequences. Sometimes for its negative consequences. In this, it is a weapon of mass destruction. Think about that. A weapon of mass destruction, being used covertly against you and all that you love. Are you ok with that? Please visit to learn exactly why you shouldn’t be… and how you can help. Pictured below the following links are several examples of geoengineering particulates, for those who aren’t already familiar with this topic.

Global Alert News for 9/7/19:’s YouTube Channel:

SRM aerosols

The sky above my home… inundated with spreading toxic aerosols. In varying degrees of expansion, they are also being modulated by radar pulses.

This cloud cover, an example of SRM (Solar Radiation Management), reveals the toxins we all are breathing, every day. The colorful sheen is from light being refracted by heavy metal nano-particulates. I find it disturbingly similar to the sheen left on water by gasoline.

Geoengineered skies… taking us into the sunset.
Colorado River on Parker Strip, Arizona.


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