Laura Marinangeli

Wannabe artist, illustrator, sculptor, photographer, musician, song writer, essayist, poet, gardener, naturalist, seeker.


What is art?

I spent half a lifetime trying to answer that question… to discover the answer is sublimely simple:

“Art is the expression of human experience.”  (Thank you Kathy Howell)

I had been over thinking it, seeking a complex equation of content & execution.   These are simply elements of art… they are not art itself.  Art is not an object, it is a feeling… to be expressed in whatever shape, form, or fashion, the artist chooses.

I was an illustrator, but carpal tunnel syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis have stolen my ability to hold a pencil, or other tool, for any length of time.  As long as I can use a camera though, I’m a happy camper.

Once confined by the edges of a sheet of paper, Life cast away those edges… and the vistas have become limitless.

Art is a point of view… sometimes obvious, others obscure.  Finding the view is a journey… as in the poem Ithaca, the journey is the reward.  (Thank you Tom Howell)


some photography…

Columbia River

Dust Storm, Columbia River Gorge

Muldoon Canyon

Backyard Bouquet

Black Magic Canyon

Avila Beach

Some of my past artwork…

Jimi Hendrix

experience   –   Jimi Hendrix, scratch board… 1992

Gram Parsons

hickory wind – colored pencil rendering of Gram Parsons – early 1990s

scratch board rendering of Janis Joplin

ball and chain – scratch board of Janis Joplin – early 1990s

scratch board of John Lennon

imagine – John Lennon – scratch board, 1994

lizard king, colored pencil portrait of Jim Morrison

lizard king – colored pencil rendering of Jim Morrison – early 1990s

California Poppies - colored pencil

California Poppies – colored pencil – mid 1980s

humpback whales, mixed media

humpbacks – mixed media – mid 1980s


  1. Diane Binnings · · Reply

    Are you the Laura that lived at South Tahoe and drew so well as a kid ( we both drew horses)? She was my first best friend.

    1. I am… it’s so wonderful to hear from you! Best friends really ARE forever {:-)

  2. Diane Binnings · · Reply

    OMYGOSH!!!!! gotta go to work today (selling no spray strawberries at a farm stand) but my email is dbinnings @ and what have you been up to and hows life??!!! Do you remember when we last spoke? I was in washoe valley and I think you were in San Fran at a Gallery. Anyway…more later!

  3. I’ve spent the past 20+ years wondering where you were and how you were doing… it’s fantastic to reconnect with you! A lot of water has passed under the bridge since I had my gallery in California… I so look forward to catching up!
    L {:-)

  4. TimeTraveler · · Reply

    Greetings Laura,

    What a wonderful piece you wrote on the status of our planet and what needs to be done to avert catastrophe.

    I agrre with you that humanity is trying to achieve something that really is not fulfilling, and enventually will be the demise of the human race.

    I agree wholeheartily that in order for the human race is to survive they must give up the monetary and politcal processes, and let the greed, corruption, and materilaism vaporize into the darkness.

    My outlook is very positive for the human race. Not all of humanity will make it to the next turn of this reality into a new 5D existence and beyond. Their souls are still on a learning curve which will take time to evolve to the point where some now are awakened to.

    I’m afraid time is growing very short Laura. Dane Wigington gives the planet about one more year till this planet will be dead just from the methane exposure, let alone the chemtrailing, weather manipulation, and droughts.

    But my biggest concern which probably is the last nail in humanities coffin is Fuklushima. Not only has the Gulf been rendered toxic by the ongoing BP oil disaster purposely activated by Haliburton, and all the millions of gallons of corexit dumped in the water to conceal the amount of oil released to conceal the enormity of the situation, now the Pacific Ocean is now dead from all the radioactive isotopes. Fukushiman is expelling 400 hundred tons of radioactive water into the ocean per day, and being distributed in the air all over the planet.

    We are undergoing a 6th mass extinction event as i write this to you. There is no going back, the nuclear genie is out of the bottle. Eintstein warned this would happen, and he was correct!

    Three nuclear reacors completely melted down, probably through their containment floors. Tempco has no idea where all the melted fuel has gone, probably into Japan’s water table. Dr Helen Caldicott has issued a dire warning, and has suggested Tokyo be evacuated immediately.

    Reactor biulding #4 is leaning and one more major quake will most certainly topple this building over which has a spent fuel rod pool of over 1500 rods. They are more toxic than the reactor core itself. One rod has the capacity to kill 1.2 billion people. You do the math.

    I am a Light Bearer. I have lived many thousands of years ago. I am here to relay His message unto His chosen people. As it was when the Israelites left the bondage of Egypt, and idolized a false god, His wrath was mighty and swift, so shall it be now.

    God, as humans call the Source of all Creation, has given His Word unto me.

    We are at the end of a 26,000 year grand cycle. Humanity has no idea how this sacred planet was created, nor do they understand that there are beings who are millions and billions of years old. There are dimensions and parallel universes that defy human imagination. This planet was manifested by a thought, a frequency a Light, out of Love.

    All that exists on this world was given to humanity as a sacred library not only for them, but for other civilizations through out the cosmos.

    Adam and Eve were of God.They were immortal till they ate of the Tree of Knowledge, but is was meant to be. For many thousands of years humans have been on a learning curve, but it is time for some to carry on as God had originally planned for His Chosen people. Humanity is a special race. The human heart has all the wisdom of the universe. Just LOOK inside and find it.

    Laura, the door is opening for some, and what lies on the other side is going to be a journey that most cannot even comprehend right now. Human destiny lies not in these current carbon capsules, but lies as Beings of Light. Humanity can change this reality, but each individual must find what lies within to find it.

    Judgement is at hand. Only God can judge. He created this world thru the Lords of the Cycles. Religion is a man made way of supposedly living by guidelines that man has layed down. Only by living by God’s WORD will you journey into a new reality where money, politics, religion, greed and corrutpiuon no longer exist.

    There is no way to stop what is about to occur Laura. Mankind does not have the power to stop this process that is happening right now. This planet, our Mother, is rebirthing herself, and in the process, going to give birth to a new human entity, one of the LIGHT!

    One must believe in ones self, look inside and find the Ark of the Covenant that God has placed inside of all of humanity.

    The journey that awaits will be glorious!

    Live by the virtues of the human heart. there are six;

    APPRECIATION for all life that God has created.

    COMPASSION for all sentient life.

    UNDERSTANDING of His LAW, which is LOVE, which connects the whole universe.

    FORGIVENESS, For one is not above another, all life Created by the Source of all Creation is equal.

    HUMILITY, as no enitity can stand above another.

    VALOR, one must stand up for those who cannot defend themselves. As the warrior is selfless. He is one with the Source. Stand up for FREEDOM, for freedom is one who has no fear.

    Laura, continue your writing, and your art is spectacular. Your frequency is high, and I look forward to meeting you on the other side of the door.

    It is time!

    All the LOVE,


    1. Hello TimeTraveler!
      Thank you for your kind and insightful words and thoughts… they have much meaning for me. Sadly, I’m very aware of the impending catastrophes looming from so many directions, but I am incapable of losing hope and not demanding change for the sake of the innocents, be they plant or animal (some humans too). Those that had no part in the abomination of the Garden that was Created for all, do not deserve the pain and anguish that has already begun. It was for them that I was compelled to speak my mind. Gratefully, most in the non-human kingdoms have short lifespans that prevent them from processing the magnitude of the destruction now occurring… but my heart breaks for them, nonetheless. My soul aches over the inevitable loss of the miracle that is this biosphere, but I know that it will and must be. Adam & Eve lost their immortality for the sake of this journey… we must spend the remaining time preparing for the next phase, and helping others find their way.

      About 30 years ago I had a conversation with a close friend regarding my commitment to the environment. The conversation evolved to spirituality, so I explained to her why preserving the environment was so important to me on a spiritual level and how even the smallest act could ultimately make the biggest difference. In choosing to limit my lifestyle indulgences and strive to live more and more simply, I was buying time. Not for me, I have never been worried about my soul… I know my heart and have always striven to be true to my innermost values, often at the cost of being considered “different”. No, I wanted her to know that I, and anyone who chose to act in a way that would add time to the clock of human destiny, by not being so destructive to the planet that supports us… that every additional second of time we add could be the difference between a soul finding it’s way or running out of time before it is developed enough to carry through after physical death. I think it may have conflicted with her religious beliefs a little, but she seemed to get the overall equation. Time, and how we use it, is so important…

      Thank you again, TimeTraveler… for writing to me, for your compliment on my art, for encouraging my writing and, most of all, for sharing the Six Virtues of the Human Heart. Even the most hardheaded of us (and I am) needs to know the path they have chosen is valid and, though I fall short on a regular basis, those are the virtues I pursue and hold in the highest regard. I look forward to meeting you soon, on the other side… but not too soon 😉
      Love and Appreciation…

  5. Hello my friend! How are you? My new email is simply first name/dot/last name at gmail. Please fill me in on your present presence on your part of the planet and perhaps I can visit before school starts up again! I got to spend a day with Lee Gaswint this month for a swim in the Clearwater…sweet! I don’t know if you remember Vern but he has family up there to visit at some point,too He remembers your step-dad from Tahoe days. And Nini is settled now in Lewiston.
    Take care my sister,

    1. DOH! I hit the wrong reply button so must double post this…
      Hey Diane! Thank you, thank you for the sweet note! Swimmin’ on the Clearwater with Lee, very cool… maybe a little too cool, eh? brrrrr! Never thought I’d say a thing like that, growin’ up at the frigid Tahoe, but these old bones are now chill sensitive. Glad you were able to spend some quality time with brother Lee… I recently visited George’s family in northern Washington and spent some spirit time with him as well. Holding his grandson Joshua George was truly a gift and, though George was not there in body, he’s always there in spirit. So glad to hear Nini is back in the states!
      Will send a private email soon…
      Much love my sister(s)!

      1. Hey girl! How is your life? Send me an email to my gmail when you can. First name dot last name. I think about you often sister and send good thoughts over to Idyho for you and yours. May all be well with your artistic self! We should go on a small adventure together while we still can.
        Lots of Love,

  6. Hey Diane! Thank you, thank you for the sweet note! Swimmin’ on the Clearwater with Lee, very cool… maybe a little too cool, eh? brrrrr! Never thought I’d say a thing like that, growin’ up at the frigid Tahoe, but these old bones are now chill sensitive. Glad you were able to spend some quality time with brother Lee… I recently visited George’s family in northern Washington and spent some spirit time with him as well. Holding his grandson Joshua George was truly a gift and, though George was not there in body, he’s always there in spirit. So glad to hear Nini is back in the states!
    Will send a private email soon…
    Much love my sister(s)!

  7. Sara Ghaffari · · Reply

    Thanks for showing me your precious masterpieces…………….that was a dreamy travel…….thanks and best of luck with all your wonderful Art works……

    1. Thank you Sara… you are too kind!
      All the best to you and yours, my friend 🙂

      1. I really enjoyed your journey to the Eclipse…what an adventurer you still are! It brought me there, I had tears, felt the angst, the pain, the exhilaration, the pure joy…as though it were me…have not made a hike like that in years myself. Please email me to stay in touch and let’s catch up!- Love to you sister-Diane

      2. Hi Diane! Thank you for all the kind words, I’m always glad to hear from you! I’ll go over and send a private email from my personal e-dress… much love, my sister!!!

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