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The Equation… or Partly Sunny With a 100% Chance of Misdirection

The Equation… or Partly Sunny With a 100% Chance of Misdirection I haven’t been an internet researcher for very long… only since 2011, when I began spending a lot of time surfing the web and dipping into the data stream.  I was a naive traveler through that great warren of rabbit holes, assuming most people […]

Healing Time On Earth – JOHN DENVER

John Denver introducing a song he is about to sing… Healing Time On Earth, in the way that only he could.  Background photos are from the Idaho portion of the Rocky Mountains… aka The Northern Rockies. Also included are Season Suite – Winter, and Season Suite – Fall, with information and photos regarding the climate […]

A Few Glimpses of Equine Idaho…

Idaho is a wild and rugged state with much open space and a multitude of equine activities… ranching, back country packing and pleasure riding, just to mention a few.  We’re a state of horse lovers and take such pride in our history with the Appaloosa that it became our state horse in 1975.  I have […]

Kim Trael… travelogue to oblivion 5/8/13

Happy Trails America! CHEMTRAILS There is more going on here than simple weather modification.   Understanding “what” is happening, and the magnitude of the threat imposed on our world by this atrocity is critical.  Knowing “who” is at the bottom of it will help us understand “why” and is an important factor in exposing the truth […]

Wolves at Our Door

Back in the mid 1990’s, when I was still living in California, there was a documentary on TV about a study of wolves in the Sawtooth Mountains near Stanley, Idaho.  “Wolves at Our Door” by Jim and Jamie Dutcher, was a milestone in promoting an understanding of the hierarchy and behavior of wolves through close-up, […]

30 Minutes on Broadford…

Unedited images from an Autumn afternoon on Broadford Avenue in Central Idaho…

look with your eyes… see with your heart

Nobody told me there’d be days like these Nobody told me there’d be days like these Nobody told me there’d be days like these Strange days indeed — strange days indeed JOHN LENNON Geyser at Yellowstone National Park… USA It’s no secret that our world is changing… right before our eyes.  It’s hard to miss, […]