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Standing Alone

Standing Alone Standing alone, on the shores of iniquity I prepare for the wave… The wave of deceit The wave of greed The wave of immorality The wave of dishonor Standing alone, on the shores of despair I wave goodbye… Goodbye to truth Goodbye to honor Goodbye to nature Goodbye to future Standing alone, on […]

The Little Red Hen… or, How A Quirky Owen Wilson Movie Saved Me From Being A Hypocrite

I love chickens… when they are allowed to range freely and do their chicken thing; eating bugs, scratching for treats, hiding nests in the deep grass, double clutching (eggs, not hot-rods), scurrying about establishing their pecking order, strolling around with a clutch of baby chicks in tow, flogging offending dogs… they are a joy to […]

Rediscovering John Denver

Rediscovering John Denver (a work in progress) Preface October 12, 2015 It’s looking like today is not going to be a very good day…  for one, it is the 18th anniversary of John Denver’s untimely death.  A tragic moment for humanity, whether we realize it or not.  I woke up this morning and decided to […]

Industrial Omnicide As A Lifestyle, or… The Only Guarantee

Humanity doesn’t need industry… we indulge in it.  We are intelligent and creative enough to have long since abandoned the industrial paradigm for a balanced, sustainable existence on this planet, yet we insist on maintaining a twisted reality that is both finite and infinitely toxic.  Humanity’s love affair with the industrial paradigm is beyond foolish… […]

The Two Faces of Tragedy

Tragedy is, obviously, a terrible thing… wreaking heartbreak and sorrow wherever it goes.  But it carries a hidden gift… something that lies in the hearts of nearly all mankind, but that may never be revealed without a tragedy.  Much like a brilliant diamond, this gift is a multifaceted thing, able to reveal views of ourselves […]

Planet Killing Repercussions of Climate Geoengineering

Observations and commentary on the presence and effects of intentionally dispersed aerosols injected into the environment for the alleged purpose of Solar Radiation Management. Contrary to claims, by the scientific and geoengineering communities, that SRM programs are “only being looked at” and have not yet been implemented, there is ample proof of their existence right […]

A Bang, A Whimper, or…?

Some have wondered… will the world end with a bang or a whimper?  I believe it’s time for a third alternative.  Ahem…  A hymn?  No, that’ a spiritual song.  A him?  No, that’s a random guy walking down the street.  Ahem, ahem… and I’m not clearing my throat.  I’m talking about the new catch phrase […]