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Rediscovering John Denver

Rediscovering John Denver (a work in progress) Preface October 12, 2015 It’s looking like today is not going to be a very good day…  for one, it is the 18th anniversary of John Denver’s untimely death.  A tragic moment for humanity, whether we realize it or not.  I woke up this morning and decided to […]

The Two Faces of Tragedy

Tragedy is, obviously, a terrible thing… wreaking heartbreak and sorrow wherever it goes.  But it carries a hidden gift… something that lies in the hearts of nearly all mankind, but that may never be revealed without a tragedy.  Much like a brilliant diamond, this gift is a multifaceted thing, able to reveal views of ourselves […]


Last Easter (4/8/12) I felt inspired to put together a slideshow, and had a specific shoot in mind that I wanted to use images from.  Upon opening the folder containing the images, I discovered they were photographed exactly one year earlier, on 4/8/11. I don’t believe in coincidence… I feel that everything happens for a […]