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The River Of No Return

The River Of No Return Part I In America, flows a wild river… called The River Of No Return A place where I had the great privilege of many life lessons to learn The incredible beauty of nature, and life’s harsh realities too The unending importance of balance… understood, it would seem, by too few […]

Healing Time On Earth – JOHN DENVER

John Denver introducing a song he is about to sing… Healing Time On Earth, in the way that only he could.  Background photos are from the Idaho portion of the Rocky Mountains… aka The Northern Rockies. Also included are Season Suite – Winter, and Season Suite – Fall, with information and photos regarding the climate […]

30 Minutes on Broadford…

Unedited images from an Autumn afternoon on Broadford Avenue in Central Idaho…

The Gift We Walk Upon

It’s so easy to take things for granted… people we love, places we live, our lot in life, the planet.  The complexities of life  are so distracting, as we busily go our way, no wonder the Earth and her systems are commonly ignored and abused.  It’s just THERE… no need to worry about it… it’s […]